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  1. Ingram coached his butt off today. Lost one of his best players early and Velma had more talent for sure. Dude is a ball coach!
  2. Yeah I was counting that one as already open. I am with you now.
  3. 2 more??? I think one more may because their HC takes one of the ones open but I’d be surprised if two more do.
  4. Pretty sure they have done some interviews but haven’t heard anything on names yet.
  5. Not really. Pay isn’t great compared to similar schools. They can attract a small school coach looking to move up or someone just dying to be a HC.
  6. I’ll be surprised if it is the only job that comes open up there. Several of those could. Problem is attracting someone not from their.
  7. Looks like Columbia is about to open.
  8. I’m pretty sure this rule was enforced several years back when some kids left Oxford and went to Lafayette. Will be interesting to see how the MHSAA handles it.
  9. Guntriple


    According to B. Shields it is Anthony Hart.
  10. Guntriple


    They have done some interviews but radio silence on a hire.
  11. Their district is also tougher than it’s been at times with Warren Central, Neshoba has been good, Vicksburg been better, Callaway has athletes and Columbus will be good on D for sure.
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