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  1. Who does your team play in the jamboree and how do you think it will go?
  2. That’s what I meant by opposite direction. Normally picayune blows PRC out but PRC blew picayune out that year. Also, Seth had been gone a few years by then. Feaster was the DC. That was a down year for picayune. Even lost to Long Beach that year
  3. It was actually a blowout in the other direction
  4. Picayune lol. They’re the team to beat until someone beats them
  5. Not arguing with any of these at all. However, I’ve always wondered who are the staffs that do more with less. The teams that should 1-2 games but squeak out 6 instead
  6. Why do you say Coach beech?
  7. Ok hypothetically they waive this rule. In theory you’ve added more candidates, but are they good and qualified candidates?
  8. Picayune-PRC is more than a football rivalry, as it’s a rivalry in other sports. The other sports is where it looks a lot more like a rivalry as well
  9. I believe he is stating Causey to Gulfport, for the money
  10. I’m assuming you’re not counting picayune bad the coast as they won last year as well as 2011 and 2013. However, d’Iberville is certainly coast and they won in 2002. So it’s actually 20 instead of 22 years. A long drought indeed
  11. Big Louisville. Pedigree is to win this game. I’m taking them until proved I shouldn’t. My question is who are they gonna play?
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