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  2. It's the "cool" thing to do now. If you transfer, people will talk about you. It puts your name on social media and allows you to make the "After a great conversation with Coach ______ I'm taking my talents to _______." post on social media. They get lots of likes and messages and feel important. What you actually can and do is less important than being talked about and having "clout" on social media. They're waaaaaaay too focused on things that don't actually matter and aren't important in reality.
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  4. Just a rumor I heard. I have no idea.
  5. Y’all keep using him as an example, did the kid from Quitman move?
  6. I guess your right. I just don't get it. If you can play they will find you.
  7. I agree for the most part. However, I do also believe there is merit in that statement. Some younger talent gets discovered because a college is coming by and notices that upcoming freshmen that is a great player. SEC coaches ARE going to come to Oak Grove every single spring. The same cannot be said for a Seminary or Mr. Olive type of program. So I do believe for some kids, especially the younger 8-10th grade, going to a school like Oak Grove, Madison Central, Thompson (AL), etc. give them a real chance for more exposure and being seen. Dear from Quitman is obviously special but he also benefits from having a serious connection to Lawrence Hopkins who has been handling/helping recruiting for a lot of players in Mississippi. Having him in your corner, appears to be a BIG boost for schools to come over you. It
  8. I’m probably gonna be in the minority here. If a family wants to pick up and move to another area for whatever reason that’s their business. Including high school football. Nothing wrong with wanting to put your child in a better position to succeed if you’re able to do it. Academically and physically.
  9. Also some people are just not meant to be college athletes. Have fun in high school. Genetics mean an awful lot as well
  10. I would also like to add to this and it may hurt some feelings, but if you are beaten out of a starting spot in high school maybe you should just work harder. College guys get word that a guy is scared to compete and will jump ship.
  11. The "kid need to be in a bigger school for exposure" is the number 1 recruiting non truth out there. If a kid can play, college coaches are going to know about him. They talk to coaches, see them on Hudl and other video systems, and most importantly they get them on campus in their camps. As the previous posters mentioned, it boils down to the personal trainers, 7v7 coaches, and handlers, trying to get their hands on them. Personal trainers and 7v7 has turned into AAU basketball. And that's not a good thing. Does the kid from Quitman need to be at a 7A school? The Hatch kid from Biggersville is going to Louisville over several other offers. Bassfield/JDC has put several players in Power 5 schools over the years. It's a trickle down from college, parents and kids see college players transferring yearly so they want that publicity.
  12. I don't disagree with some of your statement at all. In some cases it makes sense for family to move for jobs and things of that nature. I'm talking strictly for football, picking up and moving. I also don't know why a kid that has 15 D1 offers needs to move to another place to prove himself if he already has the exposure and can pick his place (like the kid at quitman). I can also see if your moving to a better school in general, but some of these guys are leaving top academic schools to go try and play ball based off of recommendations from 7v7 coaches that play games with kids as a hobby. Everyone blows my mind but it just looks like the transfer portal in college has trickled down and NIL is next.
  13. Exposure, program prestige, specific coaches, skill trainers (influence), and living incentives in some cases are all reasons for kids to move. If you have a child who lives in lets say, Seminary who is a really talented football player. You pick up and move 30 minutes to Oak Grove. Your child is now playing for a program that competes for state championships, sends several kids to D1 colleges most years, has a head coach with great connections at the next level. Small town community pride is pretty much dead in today's day and age. Recruiting and Exposure is on a nation level. 20+ years ago and further, recruiting was regional so smaller schools got seen more because a lot of schools were not branching out on a national level. Recruiting budgets are higher than ever so now teams are literally able to recruit the entire country. You have skill trainers that work with these kids and can say look, you're at XYZ school that is not very good. Go over to ABC school. They are 6-7A, they send kids D1, facilities are great, etc. It will be great for you. Some places are able to offer employment opportunities or housing to help a family that could be struggling. If Biloxi is offering a single mother of 2-4 kids cheaper/free housing and employment (or better paying employment), why would she not want to move her kid there?
  14. Haven’t posted in this thread in a while but looks like so far RB’s are the hot topic of the spring portal. State added a 1,000 yard rusher from Miami (OH) last week and have a 1,000 yard rusher for Oregon State supposed to be in town visiting this weekend. If Lebby were to somehow end up with both guys, State’s RB room goes from major question mark to position of strength. For Ole Miss, looks like they may be headed for a reunion with Henry Parrish.
  15. What's with kids moving schools these days? I remember when I was a kid that we had pride in playing for the community we grew up in. Also, how can a family decide they are just going to up and leave for dang high school football. Blows my mind because they have to physically move for it all to workout.
  16. I look forward to it. There are many excellent fundamental coaches who never make the ship simply due to not having enough talent.
  17. If you made me call it today, I think they go 7-8 in the back half too. Either get swept at Arkansas or lose the Bama series, everything else goes chalk. So 14-16 entering Hoover which I don’t think is enough to get in the NCAAT on its own, would definitely need to make a run in Hoover at that point.
  18. If State loses the series this weekend, there's not a justifiable reason to keep Lemonis employed. You would think we would be able to take the series and even sweep, but this team can't string two wins together and three would just be an anomaly. If we manage to scrounge up enough depth to take two this weekend, would there even be enough fumes left in the tank?
  19. I guess we should hope they can win 2. nothing will surprise me after the showing last week in oxford
  20. I think State wins two, just don’t see the pitching depth to feel comfortable predicting a sweep. A series loss may be season over almost and Lemonis over too. I think Georgia takes two versus Ole Miss. Still not sold on the Rebs, but a series win here starts to make things interesting. Tennessee at Kentucky should be a great series. Not going to lie, I’d like to see UK win the SEC since my team is out of the mix. 14-1 and two games clear right now but the schedule will pick up. I don’t think they’ve ever been a Top 8 seed so just doing that would be a great accomplishment.
  21. 2024 Conbined #'s = 237 3A 2026 Combined #'s =191 2A
  22. Crucial weekend for State & Ole Miss. Ole Miss heads to UGA. Georgia is a decent team but beatable. Will this past weekend serve as a turning point for Ole Miss? Sadly, it appears that the Ole Miss faithful hope it was not because they are ready to move on to a new HC. At 5-10, they need to win at least two this weekend. State plays a 2-13 Auburn at home for SBW. Quite frankly, a sweep is necessary because we have let three very winnable games turn into losses. Two wins is always the goal but in this case three are needed to steal one back. Will it happen? Who knows? This team has proven to be resilient. But will last Saturday prove to be the point where we went over the waterfall? We will see starting this weekend. In other action, A&M is at Bama, LSU @ Missouri, Tenn @ UK, FL @ Vandy and Arkansas @ USCe. So some good match ups.
  23. Mount olive is hiring someone from Puckett
  24. Well the thing is if Poplarville and this is a big if can run the tables in 4A South, they’ll have another chance to try to get it done. When you think about programs and programs with an excellent coach with a high winning percentage that hasn’t won a gold ball yet, this is the coach and program that you think of. Nothing is ever easy in 4A and it has to be earned. It would be almost foolish to pick against Louisville and with good reason, but I know Coach Beech is ready to put that old nagging load behind him. I reckon I have faith that he can and will get it done.
  25. No will not affect the 2025-2027 school years consolidation
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