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  1. I know Laurel’s coach wasn’t on the sidelines against WJ. But channel 7 did a segment last night on this week’s game and they interviewed Coach Earnest. Evidently he’s conducting practice and moving forward with this week’s game.
  2. Yeah and he was getting several right out from under Dan. To be fair I believe Dan is a good coach maybe not a head coach on that level yet. His clock management will make you pull your hair out lol. But it’s easy com the recliner or the stands lol.
  3. Mullen cost himself the Florida job. I’m a Lifelong Gator fan but he kept Grantham around to long. Honestly thought he would have been gone after last season. Then the circus he had at QB, it worked with Leak and Tebow but there was a lot more talent on the field. Mullen don’t like to recruit that was his downfall in a league with Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Texas A&M and Ole Miss
  4. I believe he stays at Ole Miss.I believe if he goes anywhere it’s Miami he still has a house down there and I think his ex wife and kids are in the area. I could be wrong on that I thought I read an article on him a couple of months ago and that was in it. I’m not even on Twitter I just shared it. You’re absolutely correct he’s going to get paid very well.
  5. That is a good football team. The coach has made some boneheaded calls throughout the season that hurt them
  6. I was looking for this to be a close game. But you’re right since the tragedy that took the young man’s life this team hasn’t been the same. They better play next week because Laurel is playing their best ball now.
  7. Anyone streaming tonight if so please share the link
  8. Lol no I actually think it’s going to be a better game than what people think. WJ is good on defense but their offense is not as good as last year’s. They have a kid that’s not a QB playing QB he’s a pretty good athlete.
  9. You are absolutely correct with your statement. He is without question the best QB in 5A south maybe 5A statewide. A lot of people know nothing about him, like I said he can put up video game stats. This game may be closer than a lot of people think. WJ has a definite advantage in coaching in this one.
  10. They will throw it that much for sure. The QB is a big strong kid very athletic he’s committed to Ole Miss Or State one to play baseball. The closest thing to WJ defense that he’s see will be Picayune they’re pretty good but I believe WJ has more speed on that side of the ball.
  11. So you’re telling me there’s a chance lol??? I’ll say Picayune big in this one. All the things you’ve said are absolutely correct. But I just don’t see Hattiesburg bouncing back after the beating Laurel gave them. If they were more experienced maybe but they are young I believe they along with WC will be front runners next season in region 3 5A
  12. Man there’s a lot of youth being served in 5A south
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