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I guess I'll go....


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I'm Blake and I started MST many years ago while living in Amory, MS. I wanted a good place on the 'net to talk a lot of high school sports and a little college sports with local friends. I grew up in Amory and knew the passion for high school sports. Soon NorthMissSports turned into MissSportsTalk.com and it grew and grew. 


When MST started I only had one kid who wasn't a year old yet. These days my wife and I have four kids and have and we've lived in Amory, Clinton, (briefly New Albany during a move), and now Oxford. Even though I'm here in the land of Rebels I am a Mississippi State fan. I'm a Realtor and an Oxford Charger supporter... especially if one of my kids is on the team. I enjoy running, but it's mainly so I can eat more desserts. 


And that's about it for now! haha. 

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I’m Jeff. I live near Kosciusko, & am a freelance photographer for several newspapers in Central Mississippi. I’ve covered schools in Attala, Carroll, Choctaw, Holmes, Kemper, Leake, LeFlore, Marion, Monroe, Montgomery, Neshoba, Newton, Scott, Walthall, Webster, Winston, Yalobusha, & Yazoo counties, & that number is still growing. I love what I do. If you see me at a game, hit me up. Just understand that if the game is going on, I won’t have but a minute. 

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