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  1. They’re trying to fire him? It’s Richland, I get having high expectations, but get real, you’re RICHLAND.
  2. Current OC just got AD job.
  3. Probably a Nettleton alum already on staff, or a HC at a nearby school.
  4. John Keith tweeted he is leaving Nettleton to be an admin in New Albany.
  5. NE Lauderdale has been posted.
  6. Where did you see this? Boswell retiring?
  7. Forgot they were open. Who they hire?
  8. coachfball87


    Probably jumped the gun, needed to wait on Schoolar becoming official at Pearl.
  9. Per Twitter, Schoolar from Neshoba Central is headed to Pearl.
  10. Neshoba Central and Magee are posted on MHSAA website.
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