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  1. It was definitely Ole Miss' most impressive win this season, we'll see if it's actually an impressive win as the season unfolds.
  2. Ole Miss takes care of NC State to move to 6-0 on the season.
  3. State led the team on the field with a 4-wheeler. Will Petrino lead Arkansas on the field with a motorcycle?
  4. Tom Allen fired from Indiana as HC, he'll land somewhere as a DC at a P5 school or HC at a G5 school.
  5. Unless Lebby gets caught calling hookers or something with a University phone... I agree, you HAVE to give him 3 years minimum. If MSU is going with the "up and coming OC/DC" route to hire, Lebby is a decent gamble. Lebby has paid his dues and deserves a shot, much like Arnett deserved a shot. We'll see how it plays out for Lebby IF he's the man.
  6. Kewl, maybe they'll make it past 10 games and still employed.
  7. This year? Nope, Lebby wouldn't be the first choice at all. Lebby would be on the list somewhere though I'd bet. Lebby's name is much like Arnett's name the past couple of prior seasons (and including this season for Lebby), someone will give him a HC shot soon enough.
  8. It sure wasn't a pretty game by Ole Miss, but Ws are always better than Ls. 10-2. We'll see where Ole Miss lands in a bowl game. Citrus is likely the floor with a NY6 being the ceiling. Did MSU play their best game of the season tonight?
  9. Chadwell should be near, if not AT, the list of potential MSU hires. Liberty can afford to pay him pretty well to stay and wait on a bigger offer, I don't think he leaves Liberty just yet unless A&M decides to throw $8-9 million at him with a huge guaranteed long contract... that's something Mississippi schools can't compete with.
  10. I've seen MSU teams much better than Ole Miss lose the egg bowl and vice versa over the years... the best team doesn't always win this one by any means. Like you 83, I'm picking Ole Miss but closer than expected. Iron Bowl, I would have picked this one a close one last week... not so much after the Auburn WTF game this past weekend. It's certainly possible Freeze didn't have his players focused this past weekend and everyone was looking ahead to Bama, we'll see what happens. I'm rooting for Auburn, picking Bama. I've thought more of Ohio State over Michigan all year before the Michigan distractions. I really like Ohio State to pull off the win this weekend now. I also like the Gator upset. It's quite possible FSU loses to Florida AND then to Louisville in the ACC championship game. I like LSU over A&M and certainly agree Jayden Daniels is a Hypeman finalist and probably should be the winner. It's very rare that award goes to someone on a 3 loss team, even when it's deserved. Just to pick something different than you 83 (it's boring otherwise- haha)... I'll pick Clemson over South Carolina. I really don't like this pick either way honestly.
  11. Sluggesh/sloppy/whatever first half by Ole Miss. Lane probably needs a case of mouthwash for the butt chewing he handed out at halftime. Third quarter went like it should have. Sanders and other backups played most of the 4th quarter and also had a TD drive.
  12. Same here. Ole Miss is dominating all the stats except the scoreboard. It should be much more than 7-0.
  13. Good point 83, I just applied for the HC job at MSU! **
  14. I'm told Houston Nutt didn't really accept the "apology" from Ole Miss and wants a shot against Ole Miss and Arkansas both for firing him. It's a no brainer State, hire this man.
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