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  1. What's everyone's thoughts on this situation? Does anyone else suspect that this may not be a crash as Facebook has reported but is instead a controlled shutdown in an attempt to remind everyone who dependent society has become on the app after the Facebook app received negative press the day before the supposed crash? Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp hit by global outage | Reuters
  2. Miss St. is merely undisciplined and playing up and down to the level of their competition. We saw it against La-Tech where Mike Leach's team didn't take them seriously and it took a miracle to come back and win by a single point. Then we saw it again where NC-State blows out South Florida 45-0 so MSU takes them serious and our defense plays lights out. Then we saw it again in week 3 on the road vs a Memphis team that ASU dropped 50 points on the week before and MSU thought even in a shootout, we would win. MSU unlike Alabama, plays down to their competition so far under Leach. Alabama on the other hand enjoys beating the brakes off both good and bad teams and all types of teams in-between. I've never been more unimpressed with the discipline level of a squad than this years team under Leach.
  3. I agree that does look much better. The picture I secured was provided by Google and this photo didn't populate.
  4. The first picture is the home stadium of Arkansas St. University who dropped 50 points on Memphis last week while the second picture is obviously Davis Wade Stadium home of the Miss St. Bulldogs who held on to beat La-Tech by 1 point at home and who just lost to Memphis. Need I say more in regards to those who both do more with less as well as those who do less with more?
  5. C-19 much like hurricane Katrina has become a convenient catch-all scapegoat for the problems of planet Earth is my best estimate.
  6. Alabama has the better team and yet I've taken UF in my first upset game of the year 38-36 at home, undefeated, highly ranked and in Dan Mullen's 4th season. If UF can feed off the energy of the home crowed and play above their heads then UF has a chance. This game represents a defining moment in the career of Dan Mullen and why UF brought their former OC back from Miss St. who had a hand in UF's most recent prior two national championships. Saban will retire as the most dominate college football coach to ever live and Dan Mullen and company have a golden opportunity this Saturday to elevate Gainesville back to prominence as all championship roads stemming from the SEC run through Tuscaloosa currently.
  7. Memphis sits at 3-0, will be at home and has a freshman QB under center who has lead an offense that averages over 50 points a game with 153 scored during the course of their first three contest respectively. With that said, I'm taking the Bulldogs based on both the play of our defense this past Saturday in conjunction with the fact that Arkansas St. dropped 50 on Memphis during their latest contest even though Memphis would go on to win 55-50. If Miss St. can manage to be sitting at 4-0 after both the Memphis and LSU games then I believe we'll see our squad crack the top #20 to #25 for the first time during this football campaign.
  8. I have no issue with that statement what so ever so long as you understand that no one interpretation by one individual of a highly interpretive text renders that one interpretation as ultimately right or wrong.
  9. Thank you for merely confirming my commentary when you state that billions of interpretations have it all wrong and that you have it all right. All religious zeolites are the same in that they fervently feel they've interpreted to perfection and that all other interpretations are flawed in comparison to their own. Enough said.
  10. Right. Billions of people all thinking billions of others are wrong. You're one among numerous who consider themselves right and billions of others wrong.
  11. Says every religion around the world even those who allegedly worship a different God than you do. Welcome to the machine.
  12. The Bible can be and is both read and interpreted by billions of people at the exact same time in a billion different ways. You're merely 1 within the masses. Unfortunately there are many more just like you who are equally convinced that they've interpreted the scripture 100% accurately and have thus figured out the human experience and yet merely an opinion your opinion remains.
  13. O' but it does. Be weary of any man who states that his spiritual beliefs have nothing to do with him.
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