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  1. I keep hearing the Governor mentioned in the drinking water fiasco. The mayor and city council control the water system just like in every other city or municipality in America. It's just been mismanaged for decades. Every mayor and city council in the country takes care of their own water system. Why is Jackson so bent on blaming the governor for their own failure? They openly fight on television about trash pickup. The incompetence of city management is staring everyone in the face. You get what you vote for. They keep seeing this stuff play out and they keep voting for the same clowns allowing it to happen. I think Tate is an absolute idiot but he isnt to blame for decades of incompetence. The "its the capital city" argument is ridiculous as well. The other 49 capital cities get it done on their own.
  2. I thought you just followed the 15 practices in 21 days guidelines. I wasn't aware of a particular window it had to be done in.
  3. They are still suffering from some bad decisions from years ago. A principal and an AD ran off good teachers and good coaches. They had everything running well under Burton and Boozer. They won the All-Sports award back in those days. Then they had 2 or 3 years of mass exodus with the next administration. They have never fully recovered. I feel like they should have promoted Bolton and kept that staff together to keep it consistent. But they went the completely opposite direction. Anyway. With all those businesses on county line, the renaissance, and around town, they had tons of financial support. That seems to have fallen off too. They have the tools in place. They just have to find the right personnel to get it all back on track and get community support built up to what it once was. I felt like Sam had it going in the right direction but I don't think anyone would question his move to Brandon. They need someone young with a lot of energy and personality. Going after the older "established" coaches who have one foot out the door towards retirement isnt the way to go for long term program building. I wish them all the best. It would be nice to see them get back to where they used to be in all sports.
  4. This is Mississippi.. you might want to swap out the “hear ye” for a “listen up y’all”.
  5. Saying what you don't want to hear isn't yelling at the clouds. Its just the reality of that region. Like I said. They have their entire careers to win it all and prove me wrong.
  6. I’m speaking of the disparaging comments and remarks about Bramlett’s being “last choice”. If you can’t see it, you need to go look again.
  7. Picayune absolutely dominates. They are a VERY good football team almost every year. If not THE best. I’m talking about the largest classification.
  8. Mediocre wins that region on the coast. That’s why that entire region has a combined zero appearances in the state championship since 6A was even created. Every other region in the state has had a team in the championship. I’m not yelling. I’m just not sugar coating it. And like I said, he hasn’t won the game that matters at the state level.
  9. I have nothing against Bramlett. I wish him success. I just don’t see why so many are trashing Bramlett and holding Pennock up on a pedestal when he’s never won anything that mattered as a head coach. I’m obviously not a fan of coast football. They are entitled for absolutely no reason. They have their own little coast rankings throughout the year because outside of Picayune they are relatively insignificant to the rest of the state. They trash people for no reason and praise people who have never won more than their garbage region. I’ll shut my mouth as soon as someone in that region at least makes it to the state championship. They all have their entire careers to prove me wrong.
  10. 80% of the coaches in the state would have won any classification with Akers. And lets not forget, he DIDN'T win it all even with Mr Football on his team. He's a middle of the pack coach who has been successful with elite talent. His record was boosted because 6A coast football is garbage. They basically had 3 games against decent teams this year. Clinton, Oak Grove, and Brandon. And Brandon wasn't even playing its best football of the season when they won. Overrated coach, overrated team.
  11. They need someone who can efficiently and effectively run an entire 6A athletic program. Or split the job. That school has way too many resources to keep going through Athletic Directors and Principals every couple of years.
  12. Pennock won a lot of games with Akers at Clinton and Hubbard at Ocean Springs. Lets not pretend he's some offensive genius.
  13. The community wanted Bramlett and they got him. The kids seemed to want Bramlett and they got him. Looks like a win to me. He's been the one holding everything together since the season ended. Second guessing with a bunch of "what ifs" doesn't really accomplish anything. This was the best way to keep consistency in the program as well.
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