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MAIS 2022 Schedule


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12 hours ago, s1nglewing said:

Hillcrest isn't fielding a team at all (seven coaches in seven years is a sure-fire way to kill a program) and Hebron Christian is back at it. 

Hillcrest's football program is the best example of a slow and painful death to a football program. Even historically, they never had a coach last more than four years. There was I believe a point in 08 when the rumor was that they were going to shut the program down, and just play basketball (the days of Hartzog and Ezi)

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20 hours ago, TheAnswer said:

This also shows how recruiting can hurt a MAIS school. Greenville Christian University will eventually suffer the same fate.

Well recruiting sure, but I think a bigger problem with Hillcrest is the overall dilapidation of that area of South Jackson. Hillcrest had been bad at football, at least since around 2007 ish. 


Talking about Greenville Christian, that was a team that sadly got the success they did due to the COVID-imposed public school shutdowns. However, I can see the publicity the school has gotten in local and even national media; to maybe help them garner some attention. 

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3 hours ago, msaisbandkid said:

MRA vs Greenville Christian has been scheduled. I don’t know if Greenville has a new batch of recruits because they only have 13 returning players on their team.

GCS has been hitting the recruiting trail hard. Tried pulling kids from Holmes County Central but had no success there. More so successful with delta schools.

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