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Football is bigger than a Sport.


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There’s a saying that good things come to those who wait… and today I finally seen a visual of that take place in my reality. This football season and dating back when the final seconds ran off the clock in Bruce, MS in 2012 has been an era of uncertainty for West Bolivar. That November night in Bruce was the last game coached by Coach Henry Johnson at West Bolivar and it ended 15 - 12 in the 3rd Round. Coach Johnson recently won has 200th game as a coach and did an interview talking about his coaching days at Rosedale and Clarksdale two tradition rich programs. West Bolivar hasn’t had a leader step into that role since his departure in any sport or the school. 

I said that to say.. today IronEagle athletics had a workout session this morning with a group of players. These players and their parents have reached out to me beyond football throughout the year. Most are freshmen and sophomores. The players this morning were freshmen starters at West Bolivar.


The focus shifted when one of the players told me about how some grown men who claim the title of coach at the school in other sports told them not to work out with me.

Why do adults in today’s society attempt so hard to discredit other people to kids is the real question?  


Yet while that kid was talking moments later the former 2019 Bolivar Commercial Offensive Player of the Year who played at West Bolivar saw us working at Leland Young Stadium and stopped by to talk. He told me how things were going with him and was excited to see us working out. Although those young freshmen already know me and respect me as a person, by them seeing a former WB player who had great success on a 9-3 team come show that level of respect to me will stay with them for life. It’s bigger than sports. And WB is hurting right now because of people who intentionally try to cause discord on the inside.. yet today was a sign of a higher calling. 

Not only do I coach these kids, I’m a mentor. A vessel so to speak. But one thing I’ve learned is to not take the bait and keep doing things the right way. Your time will come. Today was a powerful moment. 

To see Coach Henry Johnson being honored and know I have his approve was confirmation to me that this is my time. I just wanted to share this because I’ve never witness anything like this in my life that seem like I received a clear sign from above. 

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You misunderstood the post.. I gave clear details about parents and athletes reaching out to me. That pretty much solidifies my reputation as someone who is trusted and well respected. Secondly, athletes are nobody kids when it comes to a sport for any coach to tell them who and who not to workout with on their own time when they’ve gotten approval from the parent. 

Allow me to ask you a question now, who are you and how did you come away with those thoughts from the post above? It doesn’t seem to correlate at all. 

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