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Greenville Christian @ Oak Grove


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1 hour ago, RUNNINGMAN67 said:

I heard it through the grapevine that Greenville Christian picked up several linemen from Louisiana this week. Hurricane Ida closed their schools. They living with the coach. OG better watch out. 

Now that would piss me off if i was a player for GCS and and guys moving in mid season. 

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22 hours ago, msaisbandkid said:

If you transfer from a MAIS school to a MSHAA school and you have to sit out a year.

Not true. If you live in the school district and transfer before the season you are good to go. Now if you have started actual practice then you have to sit.  With the MAIS as long as you move in before their “dead line” you are eligible. MAIS used to not even have a transfer date and then a guy named Claudell Bell moved into Claiborne academy at the end of the season and led his team to a state championship. 

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11 hours ago, slicklizard said:

Oak Grove has experience of having to elevate their play in big games. I expect them to do it in this game too. There will be  some new offensive wrinkle you haven't seen this season yet from the Oak Grove coaches. Grovers will cruise in this game.

Slick, make sure you check in on this one via stream while you’re keeping up with the WC game. 

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