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  1. Many schools use that classic game to play rivals who they normally can’t schedule which turns to be big moneymaker games for some.. With such poor budgets for schools I think that would hurt a lot
  2. I'm wondering since D'iberville has not posted the job are they going to hire within. I would think a school like that would understand how important getting the process started would be.
  3. I was told by a source that there are some private schools that are lobbying to come to the association if they are allowed to recruit. The catch would be they would just have to play in higher classifications. I know Arkansas already does this. I think it could work in Mississippi
  4. He is doing the right thing getting out of Petal. Otherwise he would be looking for a job in a year or two anyway because I just don't see Glenn surviving for too much longer.
  5. So just curious don’t know a lot about the place but is it athletes or support?
  6. The resources and money here is pretty good. It does not shock me that they received a lot of interest.
  7. Is this posted somewhere? I can't seem to find this? Where is Ross going?
  8. I remember that but I was thinking more outside of Louisiana. The association makes it hard to schedule these types of games but if we let loose like the MAIS I would think people would be shocked with what we have here in the state. Example MRA playing Pulaski was great.
  9. I really wish for our kids and exposure we could do some stuff like other states and play teams from TX, Alabama, and Georgia.. I really liked what Greenville Christian did. I know we schedule Louisiana but places like OG, Madison Central, Oxford have the resources and support to do it.
  10. https://www.ddtonline.com/local-sports/coach-todd-lott-coming-home-coach-washington-school-generals?e_term_id=17287#sthash.00sfi2t0.dpbs Found this on the web not a rumor.. Maybe it’s retirement time.. He did a great job at East Union.. Sure he could have got a much better private school offer..
  11. I have heard the same things, though I believe administration will fix it before they lose kids to surrounding areas.
  12. 1A-Taylorsville. After losing the talent they had as well as their coach, I did not see them still playing this late in the season. 2A-Leflore County - After going from 1a to 2a and not having a season last year, this team is still in this thing. I think they lose tonight but I think that is impressive. 3a- Enterprise Bulldogs- Being undefeated says enough. I think they lose tonight but heck of a feat. 4a-Newton County- When the season started it looked as if they would have the worst season and some how they are playing their best ball at the right time. They lose tonight as well but..... 5a- Vicksburg- Vicksburg once had a coaching carousel going on and managed to get some stability and are still hanging around in the playoffs. Been a while since they have been here. They lose tonight but.... 6a- Ocean Springs. Enough Said Petal- I watched them play this year and I will say that I was shocked by the team I saw. Though watching a Marcus Boyles coached team will spoil you, I just didn't see the Petal football I have seen over the years. Though the talent Buckley had is not there, I thought they should be better than what I saw.
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