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  1. I am sure most teams will be playing spring games. Some teams play on weekends and some during the week. If you have schedules of spring games post in the thread. I plan on watching a few different teams this spring.
  2. Two teams with no head coaches. Should be one for the ages!! Leland has yet to announce their coach yet either...
  3. South Pike is posted on MHSAA. Wonder what happened here.
  4. Definitely has the experience.. Might be a great hire !!
  5. IRONEagle nobody will tell you but I will!! Nobody can save that program! We have been just popping popcorn just because !! 7vs7 means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! Henry Johnson can’t save you NOBODY CAN!! Johnson was average at best at Clarksdale!! Face the truth!!
  6. I’m not saying SP a dumpster fire.. IMO it’s just not like the old.. Good seasons but they are just a victim of most drying up towns people just moving out !!
  7. I think if he gets this job it would be perfect timing. I think the patience of the Hattiesburg faithful was wearing thin with him. Still I believe he is going into a situation like the one that he is in; a community that refuses to believe the glory days are over and should just enjoy watching good football on Fridays'.
  8. Iron Eagle any word on the direction Clarksdale is going? Having posted so is it someone on staff they are looking at?
  9. Has Mitchell ever been a Head Coach before?? Don't know much about him besides he has been at OG a while. Would be some first HC job if this is his first.
  10. Many schools use that classic game to play rivals who they normally can’t schedule which turns to be big moneymaker games for some.. With such poor budgets for schools I think that would hurt a lot
  11. I'm wondering since D'iberville has not posted the job are they going to hire within. I would think a school like that would understand how important getting the process started would be.
  12. I was told by a source that there are some private schools that are lobbying to come to the association if they are allowed to recruit. The catch would be they would just have to play in higher classifications. I know Arkansas already does this. I think it could work in Mississippi
  13. He is doing the right thing getting out of Petal. Otherwise he would be looking for a job in a year or two anyway because I just don't see Glenn surviving for too much longer.
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