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  1. Man those guys are legit. Hate to prematurely deem somebody a state champion, especially in baseball, but dang... definitely gonna be hard to beat those guys in late May!
  2. Yeah, but this poll is based solely off of record. You can't do that, especially with smaller schools. For example... they have Ingomar at No. 3 in 1A because of record, but they've only played subpar 1A schools. Their 2 losses have been to West Union and TCPS, which are two top-notch 1A programs that have played and lost to larger, more competitive schools. You could even throw Pine Grove, Biggersville, Hamilton, Hickory Flat and Baldwyn in the mix. Ingomar will more than likely be fighting for the 3-seed in their division You may have not been on here years ago when Chicks did the community Top 25. He researched himself, and took all the community members' comments into consideration and did a great job creating a more "thorough" poll that always ignited some really good convo.
  3. diamondwahoo24

    Top 25

    Now that the site is back running like it was many moons ago, and we actually have high school sport-specific forums again, it would be cool to see another weekly MST Top 25 baseball poll like the one Chicksdigthelongball used to do. Maybe even do a Top 10 by classification. There's literally nothing to be found in the way of Mississippi high school baseball polls besides the ones that newspapers release, and they are extremely biased/questionable. Always sparked some nice conversation about baseball around the state. Not volunteering myself, but surely there are/will be qualified individuals on here.
  4. MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN, it's good to have this site back similar to the original. Not gonna lie, I detached from the 24/7 site because I hated the interface and they removed most of the high school sports forums. Probably been 8-10 years since I posted, but glad to be back now. Looking forward to conversating with some old names, as well as newer members!
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