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  1. Don’t know how I forgot West Point!
  2. 1) South Panola 2) Bassfield/JDC 3) Taylorsville 4) Weir 5) Louisville 6) Magee 7) Starkville 8 Amory 9) Philadelphia 10) Moss Point
  3. Some left and some stayed. Don’t know their roles.
  4. Didn’t think they could start practice until August.
  5. Hammond always hired good coaches with him.
  6. Tupelo will be one of the most talented teams in 6A! That is a fact!!!!
  7. Tupelo would blow Shannon out, will blow Corinth out and would beat IAHS fairly easy!!! To think anything else is asinine!!!!!
  8. Shannon won’t be any different than any of the last few years!
  9. Tupelo will be super talented on defense and as a whole!!!!
  10. Itawamba will have one of states best defenses.
  11. Shannon has a ton of talent but hasn’t performed like a contender for years.
  12. I had heard that IAHS have loaded up on the transfer portal!
  13. Several times their only loss has been in playoffs and close but no cigar.
  14. Tupelo missed playoffs last year, so I bet pressure is on now!
  15. Hoots does a great job at IAHS plus this year they are loaded. Tupelo has more talent than you can imagine.
  16. Amory is top 5 in 3A, Itawamba is top 3 in 4A, Tupelo is top 5 in 6A
  17. Told today that TCPS hires HC from Faulkner.
  18. Heard they are still interviewing people
  19. Can’t blame Hardin for that!!! I think every HC would have done the same thing!!!
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