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  1. Told today that TCPS hires HC from Faulkner.
  2. Heard they are still interviewing people
  3. Can’t blame Hardin for that!!! I think every HC would have done the same thing!!!
  4. Players must not be happy with Tupelo’s coaching situation right now.
  5. Tupelo 28 West Point 7. Tupelo is loaded. There is more talent on this Tupelo team than I’ve seen anywhere else in North Ms. 5-7 kids with D1 offers and another handful with multiple Juco offers. This team is headed for big things.
  6. Who has been hired at JA?
  7. They aren’t replacing the Mancuso or Boyles!
  8. Just saw that Lance Pogue resigned, this is awfully late.
  9. It’s really late for all these jobs to still be open!
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