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  1. Half of these schools hardly fall under the “a little” category. Respectfully.
  2. Is the association strict on OOS scheduling? This is a serious question btw. I’m not in the know of how all of that works.
  3. Oak Grove just played Rummel two years ago. Actually had a home and home scheduled before Covid hit.
  4. You should have kept this post to yourself as well.
  5. It is what it is. Oak Grove is in a very good place as a program. We went to 3 straight state title games. Sometimes you’re going to be on the other side of the end result. See you guys next year it’s been another fun ride!
  6. I wouldn’t have minded the call had we had a timeout. But we didn’t and had to rush the play to get it off. At any rate… we’ve hurt Brandon’s feelings in the playoffs so many times they were due for one. Good season for the Grovers.
  7. If it wasn’t you don’t take it personal. It’s so many Yune fans on this site I can’t remember who. But the fact that Picayune is about to head back to the state title game after some of the stuff I read last year about the coach is amusing.
  8. Some yune fans were just on MST complaining about Coach Stog last season. That’s the funny part.
  9. I really have no clue about 4A north. I assumed if Caledonia is good enough to beat Louisville they’re good enough to go to state
  10. Madison Central(11-1) @ Starkville(12-1) Oak Grove(10-2) @ Brandon(10-2) Neshoba Central(12-0) @ West Point(10-2) Laurel(9-3) @ Picayune(12-1) Senatobia(11-2) @ Caledonia(11-1) Poplarville(11-2) @ Columbia(12-1) Amory(9-3) @ North Panola(10-1) Jefferson Davis County(8-4) @ Raleigh(10-1) Leflore County(9-3) @ Charleston(9-3) Pelahatchie(8-5) @ Scott Central(13-0) Simmons(12-0) @ Tupelo Christian(10-2) Bay Springs(10-3) @ Weat Lowndes(10-2)
  11. Glad you’re here Reb…. What’s the status on your QB up there? Is he gonna play against Starkville ?
  12. Unless that RB that rushed for 250 on OG the first time is miraculously healed and plays next Friday I can’t imagine OG not going back to the state title game
  13. It’ll probably be a while before they bother to post it. You can catch the on demand on our site right now. https://oakgrovewarriors.live/watch-live/
  14. Pissed I won’t be seeing Louisville vs Columbia but oh well. Got Columbia advancing
  15. Nobody was disrespectful at the end of the game. Find something else to gripe about because that’s not even how OG carries it. Hands were shook at midfield and the team had the usual post game huddle.
  16. They had a RB run for 250 on us the first time and he won’t be playing next week..should be interesting
  17. For that matter…… as good as Hubbard is with his legs.. he didn’t scare me much at all with his throwing ability. I guess that’s what happens when you actually face a secondary with a pulse. He’s a good athlete though. OS just didn’t have it in the trenches to hang with Oak Grove in the second half. On either side of the ball.
  18. OS should’ve took advantage of those 3 fumbles. Oh well.
  19. Wow Louisville you guys really dropped the ball on this one
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