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  1. Would rather play Madison Central but this will do I guess.
  2. As if we needed more Enterprise topics…
  3. Dubaction

    Until 2023.

    I don’t post much these days but you 5a guys always give me good reading material. Until next year my man.
  4. As a neutral fan I like to see close games. And I don’t think 5a north will give Picayune much of a fight but Gautier’s QB can.
  5. Should get a Picayune Gautier rematch. I’d love to see that again.
  6. OG beat NWR by 3 TDs. But they did play Brandon close.. which idk how to gauge that. They don’t have much on defense but they do have a really good WR that can hurt some feelings. They won’t beat OS but they aren’t running clock bad.
  7. John Curtis would smack most teams in Mississippi pretty convincingly. OG wasn’t playing consistent football at the start of the year. They are now.
  8. When I was in high school we played MC for the state championship in baseball. Great atmosphere.
  9. I could actually do without playing Hattiesburg for a while personally but I understand they want to maintain tradition and gate money. OG has played everyone from the Jackson metro area except for Madison Central. It’s time.
  10. Warren Central beating Gulfport is only an upset based strictly off seedings for that matter.
  11. Biloxi ain’t beating Oak Grove. See ya in a couple weeks.
  12. Definitely don’t understand why Gautier took 3 straight shots at the end zone in OT. Gotta be more creative than the obvious fade route on first down.
  13. For sure. Wouldn’t mind watching a rematch if it comes to that.
  14. They haven’t been the same since losing Durr to an injury
  15. I actually like 6A north. Lots of new faces that can make state title appearances
  16. We may never see a different 5A North representative outside of West Point again lol
  17. 5A and 6A south have some ugly regions
  18. Wait 6A is on Saturday this year?
  19. Glad I’m not the only one who noticed.
  20. When you guys finish up either find a new strength and conditioning guy or figure out what kinda voodoo is going on in Soso for such bad luck.
  21. Crazy. Wish they had a stream for this
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