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  1. My apologies Vott… as you can probably understand, I had no clue lol.
  2. I realized that a long time ago lmao. Hattiesburg on the list with no state titles? Over the likes of Meridian, Louisville, West Boliver…
  3. Never seen a fan of one team bother so many people lol.
  4. They certainly aren’t. And Clinton apparently returns a good bit from a team they didn’t dominate last season.
  5. Not sure how other teams assign it in terms of any special privilege but we assigned the #0 to a sophomore at Oak Grove.
  6. He will if he can adjust to the level of competition. Plus I think Oxford has the best coach in North 6A.
  7. That’s usually the problem for whoever the best team on the coast is in any single year. Breeze through region play until you run into a team you can’t just breeze past from region 3.
  8. You originally said the last few years and ended up being wrong so you moved the goalpost to overall record. That’s funny.
  9. Ha….Don’t get these guys started again with count predictions.
  10. They should definitely go back to that
  11. It’s a real shame Oak Grove and WJ haven’t been able to lock each other in for a home and home. Seems like that’s the only I guess major 5a school in the area left that we haven’t played. Maybe they’ll make that happen next year.
  12. Wouldn’t surprise me if WJ is just as good as anyone in 5a this year. That program is in a groove.
  13. They spanked Brandon when they had their starting QB. Idk if West Jones was better later in the year but early on they probably were.
  14. I’m not sure Petal has the horses outside of the QB spot to make a run. Apparently they moved the QB from last year to WR and he’s a good athlete. Dunno what they have besides that.
  15. Two of those teams are laughable in my world. GC should be decent though.
  16. ….are y’all serious? Itawamba, while being very good for their class and division, lost to one of the worst teams in 5a last year and it wasn’t even close. Why would Tupelo be afraid of them?
  17. Neither Petal or Hattiesburg are ranked in any publication I’ve seen I’d say it’s more of a toss up than anyone upsetting the other.
  18. I’ve kinda lost track of the jamborees/scrimmages scheduled for this month. Please post any that you know of.
  19. Idk if it’s permanent but I’m glad it’s back at USM at least for this year
  20. Prior to last season, OG had been to 3 straight state title games. Has nothing to do with how good or bad the region is. We just play an elite brand of football.
  21. Ah so you have no clue what you’re talking about and I shouldn’t take your post seriously. Got it.
  22. Based on this list….I’m actually more interested in who you think has nice uniforms.
  23. Crappy coverage behind a paywall? That’s funny.
  24. And you expect them to play above expectations why?
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