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  1. Good luck scoring on Oak Grove’s defense this fall.
  2. And that’s fair….my point really is compared to the rest of the schools in their particular region they are usually the cream of the crop down there. And they actually win championships.
  3. I must have missed this post when I originally scrolled through this thread. Picayune isn’t like the rest of the coast schools. I’ve always looked at them in a different light. They’re much more physical up front and usually trot out a bunch of athletic kids. You don’t beat West Point without that sort of combination. They would put a beat down on a lot of teams in 6A right now.
  4. I live outta town now. Gonna try to catch a few this year
  5. Good to see we still have WC on schedule. Watch out Slick… we got a duo of brothers that just received Bama offers last week lol.
  6. I’m willing to bet if your school wins a state title you won’t feel this way.
  7. I disagree. For that matter.. schools have been scrambling at the last minute to schedule games the last two years because of Covid. 4 months is nothing.
  8. Petal will let him go before they are ever really good again I’m afraid. I wasn’t crazy about that hire too begin with. They do have a good young QB though.
  9. Respectfully….. I’d hate for my school to work so hard all year just to play a state Championship game in yet another high school stadium in December… as nice as some of the facilities you guys are naming are.. I’m glad it’s not in consideration. Playing in the D1 stadiums our state has to offer is a reward for the kids.
  10. Damn is it that time for the hype already?
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