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  1. SW Mississippi took it pretty hard
  2. basketball player going to Tenn State (Master P son) has already signed a 2M dollar deal.
  3. I like our chances tonight. Win or Lose it has been great. But I really hope we win. lol One thing I don't think people are really talking about is that Vandy hasn't hit the ball well really all CWS. We gifted them 7 in the 1st and thats really been the story for them. They have only 6 hits in like 16 innings or something of that nature.
  4. fans harass man until he responds then they get in their feelings and causes him to be removed from his job. Absolutely pathetic for them and good they lost.
  5. I just want us to come out serious and understand the task at hand. I think the crowd and heat will definitely have an impact, but ND can rake and Im not sold on our pitching save about 4 guys. We can't pitch Landon Sims every time and MacLeod on today and off tomorrow.
  6. I was here in the beginning. I logged on the other day and saw it full of spam and got sad. Glad to see you going back to the beginning.
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