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  1. Big jamboree at USM but i'm not sure of the match ups
  2. yeah West's field house is a Taj Mahal. I believe Lauderdale county is about to fork out a ton of money to catch Northeast and Southeast up. Field house/ playing surface upgrades.
  3. West isn’t as bad as you make it sound. Clarkdales facility is clean and well maintained. I would argue the playing surface “grass” at Clarkdale is one of the best in the state.
  4. Deontae Skinner at Noxubee County. He played DE and flew around making plays all over the field. Couldn't get away from him.
  5. https://www.capitalsportsms.com/msgridiron/ this site usually has some pretty accurate rankings and they come out weekly i believe.
  6. Lumberton might have the best set up in 1A. Went to Mt. Olive once wasn't very nice but you just knew some good football had been through that place.
  7. lionpack

    4A baseball

    Sumrall, WL, Stone, Vancleave, and NE Jones are all in the mix.
  8. Wonder how many out of state teams play in the MAIS?
  9. Meridian makes the playoffs.. calling it now
  10. I remember reading MST in the early days while I was still in school.
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