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  1. I don’t think you can blame that kind of Clarkdale beat-down on a lack of athletes.
  2. Personally you’re my favorite poster and more with each passing day the reason I’m on this forum.
  3. The last coach was Ray Westerfield and he was sharp.
  4. lionpack


    “Basically absolved”
  5. lionpack


    Coach Westerfield has been absolved of any wrongdoing by a grand jury. Hate he lost his job.
  6. How are we feeling about Sebastopol now?
  7. Northeast Lauderdale beats Forest35-14.
  8. Northeast Lauderdale and Southeast played last night. I’m sure that was 100% to do with gate revenue. You can draw a bigger crowd being the only game in the county and not having to compete with WL vs Meridian on Friday night.
  9. With the way society is looking right now maybe typing in German wasn’t the worst outcome. All jokes aside people hammer the new generation all you want but don’t forget your generation raised them.
  10. I remember the 2009 season being extremely wet. I think Louisvilles field was a complete loss after an overtime game with West Lauderdale.
  11. Mississippi has some great high school natural surfaces. They can literally be set back years of work if they get destroyed after a gully washing rain.
  12. A nice bermuda surface isn't always indicative of good drainage.
  13. If there is a place you can get away with something like that its probably in Jasper County.
  14. Slick did i see you bobbing and weaving with Jimbo Nowell at the game??? You got a couple good licks
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