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  1. Expectations even at doormat programs are through the roof these days. Society has become "win now". We live in an instant gratification society and many coaches are no longer allowed 3-4 years to build a program. Couple this with how terrible parents/community members have become along with player attitudes becoming horrible, it will only become more and more common to see coaches leaving the profession. It is not worth the stress and complications that come from it. Look at Eric Collins at East Central. Back to back playoff berths and was competitive in a good region. He was essentially ran off because parents in the community did not like how he ran his program.
  2. Very hard to argue with that 2010 Panola squad, but for the sake of playing devil's advocate, I will take 1987 Pascagoula. Defense gave up an average of 6 points per game and also recorded 6 shutouts. Only surrendered 84 points all season long. The offense was averaging 28 points a game as well. They had many division 1 football stars and several of them played in the NFL as well. I remember the beating they put on my older brother and Gulfport that year. Still is the best high school football team I have seen in person.
  3. You have someone in mind to finish out his staff?
  4. The only other name I was told was Nowell at Heidelberg, but he has posted on here he is staying at Heidelberg so I believe it has to be Sam Huff.
  5. I will give him a call this evening and ask about them. He could have omitted them by mistake because you are right, Tishomingo County would most likely be a high 4A. Mooreville I assume may be 3A if they were not on his list or he may have omitted them as well on accident. I will get more details this evening
  6. Not sure. Numbers were sent to me by an AD friend that went and crunched the numbers for all MHSAA teams grades 8-10 for 2021-2022 school year.
  7. I get your point. I have heard they were supposed to begin play in 23-24 season, but I believe Rebel Bert said 24-25 season is when they will begin play. I have not seen anything concrete regarding that though either.
  8. I am not so sure about that. The 24-25 season will be year two of reclassification between 2023-2025 numbers. If they are playing that season, I would imagine they would have to take their numbers for that in order to properly place them?? That is a interesting scenario
  9. I actually would be excited for the battles that would take place in the south half. Would be great football games!
  10. I believe I read (I could be wrong) they will start in the 23-24 season.
  11. Obviously with Wayne County and Lafayette both at 717, 5A or 6A could take an extra team like 5A did with Vancleave/Laurel from last count. I just split them up for the sake of 24 teams in each.
  12. 6A Numbers - Added together Magee/Mendenhall for Simpson County numbers
  13. 7A numbers - Numbers were taken from MDE site for 21-22 school year for grades 8-10 (will be 9-11 for 22-23 school year). Obviously numbers could fluctuate some but this was as accurate as I could get.
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