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  1. Why would Columbia get more players from this? The only people that have a problem with West/East consolidating are non progressing people. One budget/one school equals better facilities and better programs for our kids. Look at all the schools that have consolidated. Seems to be working for them.
  2. Every team in 8-3a(besides St. Patrick) would beat Enterprise. You think yall are better than you really are.
  3. You didn't hear that. Stop making up stories.
  4. I'm not tripping. You have an opinion poll.
  5. So what's your solution? You're against mask and vaccination. What should we do to combat covid 19?
  6. You are not smart if you don't have West Marion in the 10 ten in 3a. Period
  7. 3a is by far tougher than 2a. Especially now that Taylorsville won't have Keyes anymore.
  8. Where is OC Jacob Massey?
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