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  1. color me shocked. So this isn't the year that Raleigh wins?
  2. destroy a big word Kemosabe
  3. Wait and take an extra day right before Christmas.
  4. I'll go Amory with a 24% chance of beating IAHS maybe 50/50 with Clinton and OS WP will probably thump Louisville up side the head
  5. noxubee and amory are in the same region starkville and tupelo are in the same region
  6. Imma go out on a limb and say the shannon red raiders have a shot a finishing 2nd behind IAHS in a weaker than normal region. been doing some research
  7. Glenn had quality 4A talent at Amory and never did a thing with it. I will be stunned if they do well in that division.
  8. I see that Heidelberg is coming to Amory late in the season. How good is Heidelberg?
  9. Please keep us updated MR Pistolpete. thx
  10. Who do Tupelo play since they backed out of playing IAHS in a jamboree?
  11. So if we have opinions which nay differ from you, we are dumping on Enterprise, when at the same time you have already guaranteed they will play in Dec at The Rock but Calprep is not dumping on Enterprise when they publish a poll? That's some rich logic right there.
  12. they well organized and gone win a few games?
  13. Naw dude, he said Tupelo backed out. Hoots isn't afraid to play the Wave. That'd be as dumb as saying Amory was scared of IAHS since they aren't the same classification.
  14. will the petal QB be that much of a difference maker?
  15. The north teams will be simmons baldwyn amory IAHS Lafayette Starkville
  16. Petal, really? do they have more talent than the other 6A south teams?
  17. so, the injuries will be unexpected?
  18. Luke Hancock is returning for MSU
  19. I have seen some serious OTA's going on this week at two 4A schools myself but no pads were on.
  20. Like I said, this is simply a "feel good moment" for the folks in charge and they think they did somebody a favor.
  21. I agree, maroontide06 but why nothing at all about the heat during practice each day or for the junior high games during the week? this is a "feel good about themselves" moment for the mhsaa
  22. and Nebraska and Northwestern play in Dublin Ireland also
  23. pancho

    3A North

    good info. I'll have to look into aberdeen a bit closer then.
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