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  1. pancho


    When all the players carry out their fakes on each play, it sure makes it a difficult task for the Defense which can't simulate it well enough in practice.
  2. better check back later on that proposterous blathering. Senatobia making Columbia look like IAHS........ Senatobia moght still not played nobody any good
  3. pancho


    very true statement
  4. I don't think there are any senatobia folks on here. Most of us up here in the north weren't surprised that senatobia was good but we didn't think they would do quite this good. This does make me lean to a Columbia win.
  5. does ccbulldog mean that picayune wins big or pulls it out late?
  6. man they ain't none of em on here. I think Amory was fortunate and had a very good bracket to get to this point. If JDC gets up early, I think they can blow Amory out.
  7. North teams are the visitors this year?
  8. nothing on the new East Union HC hire either but they do in fact have a new man already in place. Hired him the next day after Todd Lott resigned. Didn't interview a single soul.
  9. Does Notre Dame get the 4th spot next week after bama beats UGA and Houston beats Cincy and Baylor beats OKLA state?
  10. I am told by a reliable source that Saltillo is in fact open. Myrtle HC has stepped down and will stay on as an asst coach. Interviews to come.
  11. do they require all fans to leave after each game? I used to stay for all 3 games and never pay but once. Any info ?
  12. The MSU schedule for next season looks brutal. They must not have games like the memphis and arkansas games went down this season. They could have a better team overall but the record still be 7-8 wins in the regular season.
  13. Caledonia 20 Senatobia 7 3 min til half
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