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  1. This most recent one is a bit fuzzzy. When will the guys with warrants and jumped bail quit resisting?
  2. It shows us how flawed the minds are of the supposed leaders of the NCAA.
  3. crickets at tupelo.......
  4. pancho


    I heard that Coach Coleman from Winona is a candidate at Baldwyn and Ripley. Blake Orman is a name that was mentioned for Baldwyn but I'm not sure if the source was credible.
  5. East Union has a large roomy stadium in 2A. It's probably only 4-5 years old. I have been to Corinth and New Albany and they are both have nice home side seating with large press boxes and the visitor seating is huge as well. They are both 4A
  6. pancho

    4A baseball

    I agree on Sumrall and on paper, I figure that whoever wins the north will finish 2nd to Sumrall in the state championship.
  7. pancho

    4A baseball

    I wouldn't sleep on corinth or mooreville.
  8. south pontotoc in 4a , houston in 3A, Myrtle in1A
  9. pancho

    4A baseball

    Who are the favorites?
  10. Jeff Norwood is leaving for West Harrison. Who will tupelo go after?
  11. What's up with the gators altering their starting pitching for the rebs?
  12. They went down to 3A about 2 years ago and they have done better in 3A vs 4A. Their division next 2 years isn't impressive football wise, with Noxubee county, they'll be playing for 2nd. I personally wasn't impressed with Glenn so I'm not sure why Petal was excited to hire him other than Bobby Hall said so. Jamie Mitchell son applied and is probably the better all around coach etc. Sumners from saltillo also applied and would have been better than Dampeer(not my words-simply what i was told). This all was a setup deal as Byers was at Pontotoc several years back when Charlie dampeer was HC th
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