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  1. how many senior tupelo got
  2. this is a hilarious crap show evidently. I just hope they find a competent staff for the kids by late July cuz it appears headed south.
  3. We all have an opinion of who may be a clown on here for sure. I went to 2 spring games and a baseball game friday and saturday and all the folks I talked to enjoyed the games and were positive of the athletes also. I want to see how many games this WB with no coach or admin wins this year. I won't say what the future holds for WB but it appears to be a mess regardless of how many trophies they may have won years ago.
  4. Imma have a good sense of humor about the AD wearing other team colors and the players may have to coach themselves since the coach will be gone after spring and nobody in charge knows where to find a real coach. There, I think I just about got it all in. The line is really huge and 14 is bad news. aite maybe the whole team get to play by late august but just how many players they really got anyway?
  5. Yea and many seniors or maybe that was last year. I wonder will they appear more cohesive than last year? I'm wondering how long the admin will stand for being mediocre with all that top tier talent. Beating Mooreville and Tish county don't amount to much in the long run. Coach Carter brought in a new stable of assistant coaches?
  6. Think Senatobia keeps they cards to the vest and go easy on the red raiders?
  7. supposedly McDonnell will come but not If Bianco is fired. If Bianco is fired then the #1 guy is butch thompson
  8. The ole miss rumors have already started to be heard.
  9. Exactly what I was told by a good friend who is a Principal and former football coach.
  10. No word yet I see. Maybe it's confidential.
  11. Is the HC a planned deal or do they have no idea who the HC will be? Are there several applicants with HC experience applying for the position?
  12. Imma lettin erbody know now......state champs next year gone be WB since they loaded. is approximately 30 really mean like 26 players or like 34 players? The new HC(to be determined at a later date) need to know the personnel numbers when he interviews.
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