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  1. I would love to hear thoughts and opinions on how much longer the MSU head man can hang on to his job. Better yet, if Ben Howland can't get it done then what message does that send to other would be potential MSU men's basketball head coaches regarding the difficulty of a job that hasn't seen a MSU program make any noise in the big dance since the Stansbury era?
  2. Jedi

    Gas prices

    Every home can't afford the switch to electric so it's a non-issue and as far as Mississippi's tax of $75; Mississippi is the nation's most backwards state.
  3. Time (o9lr.uk.com) Reeves has produced a CBD gummy line 90% cheaper and 5 times more potent than what was previously being produced by Pfizer and others. Pfizer is pissed b/c Reeves was under contract with Pfizer. I believe if you'll copy and paste the link in parentheses that you'll be carried to the article. Thoughts?
  4. Jedi

    Gas prices

    Chevy mid-size SUV. I'm a GM guy.
  5. Jedi

    Gas prices

    I'm at 16 to 18 miles a gallon tops and with a lowly v6. Time for a change I sense it is.
  6. I'm truly not hating on MSU and yet the entire notion of winning a natty one season only to turn around and lay an egg the next season has become so cliche in the world of sports. I'm not convinced Miss State will finish as poorly as their current record. It's hard for me to imagine Lemonis failing to right the ship prior to seasons end. The newly acquired skill set of the Bulldogs to master the art of rolling over and playing dead is rather convincing at this point I might add.
  7. Jedi

    Gas prices

    There are charging stations in most cities if that's the question. Also, numerous electric car owners charge their vehicles at home.
  8. Jedi

    Gas prices

    Whose making fun of electric vehicle owners now?
  9. Absolutely not; at least in my opinion and I suspect the historical tale of the two programs confirms that the DC position with regard to AU is considered an upper echelon slot across the landscape of college football when compared with OSU.
  10. The notion of any conference attempting to retain schools who no longer wish to be in that conference is doomed for failure from the onset and to do battle in court will likely prove both naive as well as futile for CUSA.
  11. I'm a fan of consolidation and streamlined processes. Both save taxpayer funds and strengthen academic and sports programs across Mississippi when competing nationally with out-of-state programs. The downside to consolidation is the potential loss of hidden gems in the sports arena who have less exposure when consolidation takes hold.
  12. The pickle of the situation is that the sport sounds similar to tennis which has yet to take hold in numerous Mississippi communities. If the appetite for tennis remains lacking, then the notion of Pickleball might prove to be early. Pickle for your thoughts?
  13. The NIL while allowing increased financial freedom within the confines of the NCAA, also has the potential to feed the "rich get richer" beast in terms of your comment relating to UM/MSU competing with programs whose spending arm is robust.
  14. A multitude of athletes who perhaps shouldn't necessarily be entering the transfer portal have found themselves without a humble abode and I suspect that many individuals who departed their former suiters for greener pastures; possibly regret that decision at least to some degree or another. To your point, yes it has and the Michigan St. football program is a sound example of the change that has been established concerning recruiting. The Spartans onboarded 14 new arrivals via the transfer portal even though their recruiting class slid into the 46th slot in the polls. Those 14 arrivals were brought up to speed swiftly allowing them to hit the ground at full pace, culminating in a bid to the Peach Bowl respectfully.
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