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  1. Haha!! Man enterprise hasn't been a power since 1987. Most of the people on this page probably weren't even born yet. Mize on the other hand has won 4 chips. I believe one or two in this millennium so cut Mize some slack. They have fallen off lately but historically a good program.
  2. It's a combination of bad administration, noninvolved parents, and unrealistic expectations. Somebody in a previous post mentioned instant gratification. This is true and people also think high school ball and college ball are on the same level and that coaches should be able to win fast or they want them gone if little Billy doesn't get to throw the ball. News flash, high school coaches don't get to go get a signing class every year. They have to make it with what they have and put them in the best position they can to be successful and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. It all depends on the athletes they have at the time. Bad admin can also play a part in this. You get a principal or superintendent that is antiathletics or just a complete butt in general then the low salary just isn't worth it. Again, news flash, high school coaches do not make that great of salaries. Some schools can pay but it's only the large schools or some schools that have been successful enough to get luck to pay.
  3. There were some South Panola teams in the early 2000's that have to be in the mix. 2003 Wayne Co. was a very good team as well
  4. It was also created to satisfy the whining 6A schools who can't compete.
  5. I've been told that Hattiesburg only has about 40 kids out for spring this year. Not sure how true it is but that would be downslide for a 5A
  6. I think both bay springs and picayune come away with it again
  7. Haha! You have it out for them after that whoopin in November huh? I don't think they repeat either ,but it will lack of experience not talent. I did some research and Mancuso has played for south state every year he's been in Bassfield except 1 I think and won quite a few, so they always have the talent it seems. Again I dont think they win it, but if you play the numbers they are a smart bet.
  8. JRoss1958

    Who repeats

    Who, if anyone, repeats as state champion this year?
  9. Don't disagree with you at all. There are teams out there though who will benefit who are stoked they do not have to deal with teams such as Oak Grove, Madison, Brandon, Picayune, West Point etc.. anymore.
  10. I bet. It's rumored that them along with Pearl were the main pushers. But I'm sure there are several small 6a and bigger 5a teams that are excited to get away from the elite
  11. For sure the state, but the big 3 classes will look much different. You will have the Oak Grove, Madison, and the other big boys in 7a. Picayune and West Point will stay and run 5A from the looks of it. Who gets a break and gets to play in 6A where it will be easier?
  12. With the state moving to 7 classifications in the future, who will reap the benefits? Some teams will have a much easier road than in the past, especially 5-7A.
  13. Anyone heard how NF is looking to be under the new leadership. Ive heard some good things but also heard a couple players looking to move out since that has been a trend lately. Hope they stay and they have a shot to get back in the mix.
  14. Lets talk about some great coaching staffs and great jobs making adjustments that you can remember. 2003 Marcus Boyles and his WC staff comes to my mind. Completely changed what they were doing from regular season to south state to beat West Jones and go on to win state I believe. Who yall got
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