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  1. All I know is they played a schedule with other Death Schools across the Southeast. Sometimes they the same state 2 times in a season. They did win a Natty a few years back. Not sure they play anymore since their schedule has nit been posted in recent years. We'll maybe I should have put Deaf which is what I meant to say.
  2. 2A: 45 Football: 41 Sacred Heart Football Independent Non Football: MSMS, Pine Grove, New Site 1A: 43 Football 32 MSD use to play National Death League Non Football: Blue Mountain, Jumpertown, Tremont, Wheeler, West Union, Ingomar, Hickory Flat, Houlka, Coahoma Early College, Piney Woods
  3. 6A: 32 Football: 32 5A: 33 Football: 33 4A :45 Football: 45 3A: 45 Football: 42 St Andrew's and St Patrick Independents OLA Girls
  4. Correction: 243 total, 224 play for championship, St Andrew's, St Patrick, Sacred Heart, and MSD play independent Add MSMS to 2A =45 5A has 33 all football
  5. 6A 32 All play football 5A 32 All play football 4A 45 All play football 3A 45 42 play football, St Patrick and St Andrew's are Independent, OLA is girls 2A 44. 41 play football 1A 43 32 play football, MSD plays Death League ?? Total 241. 224 play for championship, 3 basically Independent
  6. It's basically Brandon and Oak Grove then everyone is fighting for 3rd hoping for 2nd with an upset or 3 way tie who knows.
  7. No it changes every year: 2021 Round 1: R5 vs R8, R6 vs R7 2021 Round 3: R5#1 vs R8#1, R6#1 vs R7#1 2022 Round 1: R5 vs R6, R7 vs R8 2022 Round 3: R5#1 vs R6#1, R7#1 vs R8#1
  8. Then they will be playing JDC in Round 2 if they get by Magee
  9. Region 1 vs 2 Region 3 vs 4 Region 5 vs 6 Region 7 vs 8 Enterprise best not win the Region and JDC finish 2 or 3, 2nd round match up possible. Or finish 2 or 3 and meet in Round 2 if JDC is 1 or 4
  10. Like he said above there should only be 4 or 5 schools in Jackson. There is no school located east of 55 but JA. So you will have to do something similar as I posted above. Forest Hill in SW Jackson Wingfield in SE Jackson tho a percentage of those kids go to Byram and Terry. Jim Hill in Central Jackson North of 80. Provine is NE of Jim Hill closer to downtown Murrah is at the University Lanier is in West Jackson West of the University Callaway is in North Central Jackson West of State Street. Those folks will show nought fight gangly before you close their high school.
  11. I agree but the gangs aren't operating the schools interms of consolidating schools.
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