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  1. Coach Stog is a future GOAT. Tide by threeTDs.
  2. We talking PG-13 language or R rated? Also why has OS not posted the livestream in their archives yet? I would like to watch it.
  3. Picayune going win this one 60+ to 0. Coach Stog going to have to call off the dogs.
  4. I saw on the news last night that Terry High School beat Petal. Isn't that two wins in a row for them to finish the season? Is this program on the up and up or is Petal just that bad?
  5. I'm with you on this one. Mitch Evans is a goat.
  6. I think I've had enough. I'm moving my kid to D'iberville to play for Coach Dolan. Already put in an offer on a house.
  7. I think this one will be closer than most people think. I'm going with 42-33 Yune's way.
  8. I think Ocean Springs is definitely the team to beat in 6A. They have a potent offense and Coach P's storytelling ability is unmatched. I've heard that he bakes cookies for the team himself on Friday's and lets them listen to N.B.A. Youngboy at practice. The kids have really bought in. He's a real players coach. I doubt the Greyhounds will even be challenged until they get to Jackson.
  9. Coach Dolan is a GOAT. I'll take the Warrior by two TD's.
  10. I’m looking for my Bearcats to turn this season around with a big W against West Harrison this week. Should be a good one!
  11. I'm going with the Hornets by 21.
  12. We didn’t play well, but the refs really screwed us.
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