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  1. Oh so he didn't break a rule
  2. I was referring to the overaged high school athlete
  3. and the MAIS just turns a blind eye to it?
  4. Yea I don't see Enterprise getting past the first round.
  5. What new receivers does O.S. have? I know they recruited a kid from Harrison Central, but I don't know what position he plays.
  6. The one thing a Long Beach fan knows well is bad football. I can tell you that. With that said, you're right I don't know what HHS is going to have. I just think they have been on the downslide for the past few years.
  7. I think if any of those teams are up they could give Picayune a game. But, Hattiesburg got a long way to go before they get on The Tide's level.
  8. Surely they will still play each other as part of their non district schedule even if they are in different classifications.
  9. I think that they'll see a quick turnaround is a very weak division. I expect them to become competitive this year.
  10. Where did the transfer go?
  11. What does HC coming back? I know they got a stud at QB.
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