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  1. Said it last year and I’ll say it again…. That was a one off.
  2. IRONEagle, you are nothing if not persistent. I’ll definitely give you that. I remain quite skeptical about West Bolivar returning to anything that remotely resembles the glory days, but I really hope they can. Delta football is way better that way.
  3. Boys, the better teams in the conference (which I like to think we are included in) are absolutely boat racing us in recruiting. It don’t look good and unless we make some sort of freakish run late we both will finish so far back it’s downright embarrassing. Don’t know if it’s NIL or what but it ain’t none too good.
  4. I wouldn't think $100k would be enough for Delucia. And haha, that almost seems funny to type. By whatevs.
  5. And yes this is way too early. I’m not done enjoying the college baseball season.
  6. I resent the timing. In very poor taste IMO.
  7. Just one hit from Gonzalez and that puppy is ours. Crap. Gonzalez, Elko and Graham were a combined 0-11. Not a recipe for success. Gotta be better tomorrow.
  8. The decision to start Morris by Van Horn was indeed a little weird, and I'm glad he did. We certainly got off on the right foot and there was no getting saved by the bell for Morris.
  9. Booing, not even going to games, etc. basically all the usual are understandable when fans aren't happy with their coach and/or team, but this is college and these are college kids so personal attacks on the coach or the players particularly in person is not acceptable. Period. Plus it's a pretty good way to get your ass whipped.
  10. What in the world is going on with MSU?
  11. Incredible. Where has this been all year?
  12. Damn, Ole Miss never loads up on a big inning in the SEC. Talk about missed opportunities. We deserve to lose. Which we do most often.
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