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  1. Any changes that you all heard of in Mississippi?
  2. Announcing Ladner next week is rumor
  3. 4 wins probably tops for them
  4. Mendenhall DC gone to to the coast I hear. How's that affect things?
  5. So do we see an exodus of coaches from these schools prior to consolidation? Magee already lost HC. Mendenhall got any headed out?
  6. DHS school folks tell me Ladner is the principal's choice, however she has wanted him the past 2 times also. Unfortunately Hockaday has not shot because Ladner is principal choice. Unfortunate as I thin Hockaday would be a fine young head coach.
  7. Correct. That's the pick
  8. Then you should buy a house in FCAHS district. Dolan is gone from DHS
  9. Can only speak on southern regions of state but imo Biloxi, Hattiesburg, and Harrison Central biggest underachievers year in year out based on the talent they have
  10. Been quiet on this job. Anyone got insight?
  11. Usually always the case. The "process" is usually for show. Most decisions are made before the first interview.
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