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  1. I've found Calpreps inconsistent. More wrong than right. On the coast games Thursday they got OS winning but it won't be 31-3.More like 28-21 The other game there is now way St Martin comes close to beating Harrison Central. Harrison Central wins 35-14. The d'Iberville score may be right
  2. Are you sure on those injuries? I haven't heard that from my OS friends.
  3. I know the warriors have played one of the toughest schedules in the state but do they recover and make a playoff run? I have not seen them in person yet. Anyone got a guess?
  4. Gonna be a good one. Biloxi is better than people give them credit for. OS wins though in a close game under 10 point differential.
  5. Not going to argue with you. We'll just agree to disagree. I've seen them in person and I'm basing it off that. Have a great day
  6. Basing it a little off Hancock jamboree and seeing them in the spring. They have the size to stop PRC and score regularly in my opinion.
  7. Biloxi has all kinds of talent on the field on both sides of the ball.
  8. Yes Stone was shorted a full season last year and those kids are waiting to prove a point. St Martin returns nothing from a weak team last year so even weaker
  9. George county has a small defense. They bank on offense outscoring people weekly in shootout. Biloxi has talent galore
  10. I can't comment on many games outside of the coast area as I am not familiar with some programs, but I disagree with some of the coast scores predicted. Gulfport will handle George County based on the George County I saw at Biloxi last week. Gpt 35 George 14 Biloxi 28 EC 7 D'Iberville 28 Stanislaus 14 Goula wins easily over Moss Point Stone 42 St Martin 14 Harr Central definite loss to Oak Grove Hancock 48 PRC 7 Greene County 28 Vancleave 14
  11. Any changes that you all heard of in Mississippi?
  12. Announcing Ladner next week is rumor
  13. 4 wins probably tops for them
  14. Mendenhall DC gone to to the coast I hear. How's that affect things?
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