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  1. The closer we get, the more I really don’t know what to expect this weekend. Saw where OM is switching things up with their Sunday starter so that adds another layer of unknown. I think Friday and Saturday you’ve got two excellent starting pitching duels on tap and I can’t wait to see those play out. I know OM is chomping at the bit to beat State after how lopsided the series was in the Mangum era. At the same time, we’ve seen this before with OM coming to Starkville for Super Bulldog Weekend in what seemed like a pretty even matchup at the time (2014), and Ole Miss just came in an
  2. Welcome back, EB. Always enjoyed your input. I was able to find some reasonably price grandstand tickets to the Sunday game but I feel like I got really lucky. This is just my personal taste, and don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the new Dude, but on a weekend like this, if I couldn’t find chairbacks and I didn’t know somebody with an outfield rig to spend the day with, I don’t think general admission is worth it. The berms are great and I also love the view from the right field plaza, but both fill up quick. Otherwise you’re stuck looking for any random spot to stand and it c
  3. Without going too far down a rabbit hole with this... the NCAA can spare me the faux outrage. This is 100% pandering to avoid the angry mob. The NCAA has proven over and over again that they don’t actually care about their student athletes. And the only people that get hurt by rulings like this are the people who have nothing to do with it. You have a problem with the MS legislature so you’re going to punish 18-21 year old college kids for it? Give me a break. Sports leagues trying to get in the middle of political affairs never, ever works out for them. Don’t understand how these
  4. Should be a heck of a series at The Dude next weekend. I’m not quite convinced Arkansas wins the West or the league overall at the end of the day, their pitching depth is a serious concern. It’s nice to out slug everybody but how sustainable is that long term? Kopps is terrific out of the bullpen, but they’re relying on him an awful lot right now and the rest of their staff is pretty average. Not a single starting pitcher that strikes fear into you. I still think either State or Ole Miss can very much still win the division even though both dropped home series to the Ho
  5. I think at this point you can say that all of the contenders have at least one flaw that could be their undoing: Vandy: Pitching depth after Rocker and Leiter Arkansas: starting pitching Ole Miss: bullpen concerns State: hitting concerns Anyone of them could win it all, or get dumped in a home Regional because of their flaw. It’s why college baseball is such a crap shoot. Oh and by the way, your current leader in the SEC standings is Tennessee... how bout that? And Vandy travels to Knoxville next week for what is now a MASSIVE series.
  6. I think you could say the same for Ole Miss. Whoever wins this series will be number one on Monday. State has taken care of business so far this weekend. As much talk as the bullpen gets, I think State’s weekend rotation is underrated among some of the others in the league. Will Bednar is a really, really good pitcher. I know MacLeod has had his ups and downs this year but when he’s on, he’s a very good. And Fristoe is doing a good job as a freshman and is likely your Friday night ace next year. Strong road series win, a sweep would be really impressive. Not to toot my
  7. State had a 7th inning meltdown and almost blew what looked like was going to be a comfortable win, but they got a little bit of a fluky run late and then Sims slammed the door. I was fairly pleased with how they hit a good pitcher like Greenhill, too. I thought this would be the hardest game for State to win so I feel pretty good about being able to win one more tomorrow or Sunday.
  8. Probably just a one off fluky game but I have been wondering all season if they’ve been over-using Rocker and Leiter and if it could burn those guys out down the stretch. Worth monitoring that now, especially after Rocker got hit as hard as he did. State-Auburn looks like it may be a washout tonight. Slightly better forecast in Oxford but I would imagine you’ll have several series affected by weather this weekend.
  9. Luke gets another year if they win that game. Matt Corral probably transfers. And Kiffin is likely at Arkansas now. No idea who OM would hire after 2020 though. State hires Joe Judge if they fire Moorhead a month earlier. It was 99% done anyway until the Giants surprisingly offered him. If the timing is sooner then he’d be at State right now. And it would still probably be the Garrett Shrader show at QB.
  10. Oh man, really hope the Elko injury for OM isn’t as bad as it looked. He’s probably the best college hitter in the state this year.
  11. I don’t love it, I imagine it won’t effect State and Ole Miss a ton if they continue to be Top 10 teams. The biggest concern is going to be if they have tight restrictions on capacity after both teams have had things pretty open for a month now. Who it will hurt is your small schools and borderline host teams who would normally be able to get hot in May and earn a host. Now they’ll be judged on a smaller body of work which isn’t exactly fair. You’ll end up having at least one or two undeserving hosts that falter late and are 2 or 3 seeds when the field is announced.
  12. I'm really fascinated by Tennessee. We will find out how legit they are pretty quick, they host Florida and Vandy back to back the next two weeks. State at Auburn is a trap series if there ever was one. Auburn is a team with more talent than their record shows and there's a chance State might be looking ahead to Ole Miss next weekend. Auburn was way more competitive against Arkansas than State was. I don't feel great about this series for State, I kinda think Auburn takes 2 of 3. I would consider it a good accomplishment if State won the series on the road. I think I l
  13. The issue is I don’t see the talent on this team that typical LSU teams have. And now they might have just lost their number two starter (and projected first round pick) to injury. I’m sure they’ll get going to some degree, but my question is what are LSU fans willing to accept? This will be roughly the fourth year in a row where they aren’t close to contending for the conference title.
  14. LSU at 1-8 in conference play is something else... and they still haven’t played Arkansas or Ole Miss. Kinda feels like this is it for Mainieri, doesn’t it?
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