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  1. Leaving Georgia out would require them falling behind either Notre Dame or Baylor, seems really unlikely. I agree with the above Top 4’s if Michigan hangs on to win. Don’t think they’ll do the Bama/Georgia rematch right away. Ole Miss/Baylor in the Sugar Utah/Ohio State in the Rose (I would pick Utah to win that one) Notre Dame/Oklahoma State in the Fiesta ACC Champ/Michigan State (?) in the Peach
  2. This should pretty much lock up Ole Miss vs Baylor in the Sugar Bowl. That actually should be a really fun matchup if Baylor goes into it healthy.
  3. Oh my goodness. Baylor wins with a goal line stand. OSU eliminated from the Playoff discussion. If there’s chaos the rest of the day Baylor MIGHT have a chance to back door in but they are most likely Sugar Bowl bound.
  4. Things could change in the next 48 hours but all recent indications have been that State is Liberty Bowl bound, likely against Texas Tech. If that’s the case I would expect State to be favored by a touchdown or more in that game. A 6-6 Big 12 team with an interim coach is a team you should beat. That said, it’s not officially official just yet. The vibe I get is that LSU getting bowl eligible definitely reshuffled the deck a bit. The Texas Bowl apparently is much less interested in State now that LSU is available.
  5. I tend to lean toward the weekend going chalk and Georgia, Michigan, Cincy, and Oklahoma State making the Playoff. But dear gosh if time has shown us anything it’s that you should never count out Nick Saban. Cincy is playing the biggest game in their program’s history on their home field, I have a hard time envisioning a loss for them. Michigan should smoke Iowa but it would be very Michigan of them to blow it here. OSU could lose to Baylor but I think they are simply the better team. This has kinda quietly been one of Gundy’s best teams.
  6. There definitely still exists some chaos potential this weekend. Georgia is in no matter what, everything else is up for grabs. Don’t remember a championship weekend with this much uncertainty in recent years.
  7. Not much doubt on this one, especially after OM won the Egg. Rogers still had a great year though, could have justified him winning it IMO.
  8. Hard to disagree with that. Nonconference schedule is easier (Memphis at home and trade NC State for a road game against a bad Arizona program), but Georgia and at Kentucky for your East games is brutal. State’s West schedule is usually easier in even numbered years because most of the toss ups (Arkansas, A&M, Auburn) are at home and games you’re probably losing regardless (Bama and LSU) are on the road. That said, State was 3-1 on the road in SEC play and 1-3 at home this year, so who the heck knows.
  9. There was a brief point in time after the 2018 Egg Bowl where Moorhead had gotten the fans back on his side… and then yeah, that Iowa game happened and he never had the fans truly behind him again. In many ways I think State fans are still feeling the effects of 2018 being a bust. That should have been an NY6 team similar to what Ole Miss is this year. Those opportunities are rare for State and OM, and you have to take advantage in years where you have a really good team. Leach isn’t in the same spot this year but I think many view 2022 and 2023 as years where the ceiling is potentially higher for State. Will be interesting to see if State remains in this 6 to 8 win range the next two years or if they are able to rise up and have a 9-3 or 10-2 type season with Rogers as an ultra experienced QB before he leaves.
  10. If you’re State then I think the big thing is just winning whatever game you get put in. Not sure location or opponent matters a ton. I mean it’s not a “must win” or anything, but 8-5 definitely feels better than 7-6, especially in a year where you didn’t win the Egg.
  11. I actually think pretty highly of Kelly. I know his teams have gotten waxed in the Playoff but I think he has the same championship ceiling that most coaches would have at LSU while also having a higher floor than what they’ve had in recent years. He may not be Saban but he is an upgrade from Orgeron and Miles. I would be pretty shocked if Matt Campbell or Luke Fickell doesn’t end up at Notre Dame. This is supposedly the kind of job those two have been waiting for.
  12. Looking like it would be one Kansas State, Iowa State, Texas Tech, or West Virginia.
  13. The bowl options for OM seem to pretty straight forward. Bama in Playoff = Ole Miss in Sugar Bowl. Bama not in Playoff = OM in Peach Bowl The buzz for State continues to be the Texas or Liberty Bowl. Both would feature a Big 12 opponent. The rumor is the Liberty Bowl is really pushing for State vs. Texas Tech due to the Leach angle. There are pros and cons to each game, Liberty is the closest geographically, is on a better date, and is probably slightly more winnable. Texas is in a roofed NFL stadium, has a higher payout, and means you play a little bit better opponent. At this stage I would be surprised if it’s not one of those two options though.
  14. Don’t know if he’s interested but if I was Duke I would try to hire Dan Mullen.
  15. So I still don’t think the league was all that great this year. Only about 3-4 teams I would consider legitimately good and then a whole lot of inconsistency and mediocrity. Certainly kudos are due to teams like Ole Miss and Arkansas who worked their way through the clump of mediocre teams and had better seasons than most expected. And hats off to a team like South Carolina where 6-6 was a major accomplishment in Year 1 of a new regime. I am kinda expecting the SEC bowl game records to possibly not be very good, however. And I’m also fascinated to see where some of these teams get sent. More teams than tie-ins for once.
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