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    Ms/Al Game

    Anybody know the score

    Ms/Al Game

    I think Mississippi will get the win. Go SIP!
  3. The south half went 5-1 way to go guys and thanks to all the players, coaches, refs and fans for making this a great weekend
  4. No disrespect to Hattiesburg and west Jones but picayune is in this spot almost every year so Hattiesburg and west Jones may use injury players as an excuse they most likely would have lost anyway to the Maroon Tide
  5. Traveling is only an issue for the fans, these kids are do happy that they made it to this level they would play anywhere.
  6. I wish we seeded the teams and that way we would get the best match up in the title games
  7. We take it year by year, and yes we will enjoy this one
  8. Correction that’s our 11 title. We have won every time we had a chance. Google us
  9. You better tell them, we lost to two teams playing this weekend and two to bigger schools who also made the playoffs.
  10. Who you got and Why? I got JDC winning by at least 14 pts
  11. Raleigh was a tough opponent but we’re going to the Rock
  12. I got JDC in this great matchup, if we can keep the turnover down, we can win easily.
  13. Dubaction I agree with all your pick
  14. Oak Grove will win this one for a chance to play at the Rock
  15. I think JDC will get revenge for last year lost
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