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  1. This will be a good game in my opinion. I see this one coming down to the wire, 2 really good run teams that can control the clock. Athletes all over the field and great coaching staffs. This game has the potential to be the best one this weekend. Good luck to both teams, but pulling for West Point to get number 11 or 12 state titles..
  2. I agree, but they were horrible vs WP on plays that were not game affecting..Its a big difference between taking points off the board with a ghost holding call or a kid that was down, than it is illegal formation on 1st and 10....
  3. Good game to both teams. Not gonna get into detail about what shoulda or could been, because the results are in. Good luck WP, playing for another State title.
  4. Lol not trash talk.. Where the heck are the Neshoba central folks??? If this were a softball page, NC would be in here deep!!!
  5. Yes sir ridgeland was to be the team to beat in the region.. but this NC was full of jrs and sophomore last year. I know playing the Greenwave for the north half is a big challenge, not to add in west point where those kids will be playing for pride and their seniors. You guys have been playing for championships several years in a row, and have high expectations regardless what others think about you.. There have been several years in which the state has assumed it would be a down year for yall, and the outcome was a ring.. Don't get me wrong I'm not kissing all those rings, I'm just showing my respect.. but the score I predicted is still the same....... 27-20 NC...
  6. I saw this same secondary get lit up for 300+ last year vs Louisville, and over 100 rushing.. I read these same messages last year vs Louisville and also in the state championship. How yall were gonna destroy those teams. Everyone predicted WP to win those games convincingly.. By double digits, and results were different... I'm just saying... see you Friday...
  7. I agree, they have had the better of it vs common opponents... But what does that mean???
  8. I'm not doubting anything about your secondary play at this point in their careers. I'm just making it known that in the past your secondary has been suspect, especially if NC Oline can give QBs time in pocket. No one can cover 5-8 seconds without a break down in coverage. Not even the guys that get paid for it.. We have to do a good job picking up blitzers, and making good reads and not get trigger happy and rushed into bad decisions.. Everything has to be a setup for later. To me, what has gone unnoticed is the recieving group as a whole. We have some kids that can just beat you 1 on 1...Up to this point I don't think we've taken advantage as we should've of other teams weaknesses. Thats why some of the scores have been closer than the game actually was. But when all said and done we'll be there Friday.. Good luck...
  9. I hear and see all your saying. But the game is to played on Friday. We are slow and don't stand a chance. Nothing you said in the above statements gets you a win. Saturday morning, you'll be going through you realization mode. Asking yourself was Friday night results just a bad dream.. Your gonna be surprised at what Neshoba Central brings to Clay county.. 27-20 Neshoba
  10. Didn't say the best in the state, I said extremely solid.. But I don't think that's where the game will be won. Its gonna come down to WP secondary. Not sure if they've gotten better in the past few years, but I know they've been suspect vs passing teams, especially ones that can be balanced.. This season WP has played and defeated predominantly run oriented offenses.. And the teams that attempted to be pass oriented, were just not that good at it..
  11. I don't see WP winning by double digits. Neshoba's defense is for real. They are really big across the D-line and linebackers will hit you. This game will be close. I don't see WP scoring 40 points either. Neshoba is doing a better job of getting the ball in play makers hands. Neshoba will win this one 27-20..
  12. Congrats to caledonia, they have rightfully earned to play next week.. good luck cavs...
  13. Caledonia did a gre6job of being disciplined on both sides of the ball. No terrible penalties. They also stayed ahead of the chains all night. Louisville continued to shoot themselves in the foot, with penalties and pure lack of communication. Being undisciplined at this point in the season results in basketball ball season, being the primary sport.
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