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  1. Those Gators pose lots of problems. We give em our best. We have a tall task at hand. Maybe we will be up to it. I like our guys. Young bit committed!
  2. We will have our hands full with that bunch for sure. Maybe their Basketball Coach won’t be one of the officials!
  3. Where is this game to be played? If it is in Soso you better check the official's roster before you start.
  4. My Guess East Central Gautier Laurel Stone Vancleave Wayne County
  5. I am not from Hattiesburg but there are good places to eat for sure. Out 98 toward Columbia is the Half Shell Oyster House, 6555 Hwy 98 West. Tabella Italian Restaurant 3720 Hardy Street #23A is good to me. Crescent City Grill at 3810 Hardy is one of my favorites and then there is Walk-on's Sports Bistreaux 4400 Hardy Street. There are lots more but these are the ones I go to in the Hub City.
  6. Hey 44! I’m thinking both side sidelines are gonna be looking like that. Crazy times 06….my memory leaves a lot to be desired these days but I think you may be rite about kittengirl. I do remember I’ve made some dear friends on this board through the years. Most of them don’t I see on here anymore. They may be like me, mostly watching and learning. I’ve enjoyed this board and still do.
  7. Been here a while myself. We had some fun going at it. I started to make a post for old time’s sake but decided against it. I guess we’ve moved on from that. It was fun though.
  8. Slick! You keep churning em out brother. Great read. Thanks for your time and effort.
  9. You’re gonna be missed. Maybe we can keep a signal fire burning so you will know what’s going on. This one’s got a big feel to it. Defining moment in Waynesboro tonight as it begins to feel a bit like Fall. Is Florence for real? Is a War Eagle resurrection underway? Things will begin to clarify sooner than later.
  10. Enjoyed the post and the poll Slick. Always a good read. The one you got and the one you give. As to Florence at WC. A defining moment is in the cards for each of these two in Waynesboro Friday night. To all my old Maroon tide buddies. Roll! It’s what y’all do. Impressive once again.
  11. I’m a huge Breland fan myself Slick. I don’t think you’re over any boundaries with that at all. Also, I’m all in on your epic! Keep it all coming.
  12. I am hearing he will be back at practice today. I am Breland fan all the way.
  13. WABO has been broadcasting High school football in Waynesboro since the mid 60s I know. WABO would replay the game on Saturday mornings in the 60s. Not sure when they actually went live. To my knowledge there has never been a Wayne County War Eagle Football game that was not broadcast by WABO. In 2004 we added delayed video on the local cable channel and did that up until a couple of years ago. We began our livestream when Covid came along and are continuing that again this year. Sharpie Smith and Kenny Odom did the radio call for years. Kenny joined me in the delayed video broadcasting around 2008 and in or about 2010 Kenny and I started calling the games for WABO and we are still at it. It is a ton of fun!
  14. WABO1


    Wayne County 35-28
  15. I appreciate the kind words and the help posting. Ain’t high school football grand!
  16. Wayne County will play Poplarville at PRCC Friday. Two JV quarters starting at 5:30 followed by 4 varsity quarters. Not sure but I’m thinking 10 minute quarters.
  17. Having problems as well Slick.
  18. Most of the numbers were nationally based but translated pretty close. It’s an expensive proposition.
  19. We will get to it Slick. Thanks for the input.
  20. Appreciate that Slick. We are excited about Coach Hankins and what he brings to the table. We will be doing two of these shows per month through July.
  21. New show posted on our YouTube channel. Next show airs January 4. Merry Christmas MST!
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