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  1. I appreciate the kind words and the help posting. Ain’t high school football grand!
  2. Wayne County will play Poplarville at PRCC Friday. Two JV quarters starting at 5:30 followed by 4 varsity quarters. Not sure but I’m thinking 10 minute quarters.
  3. Having problems as well Slick.
  4. Most of the numbers were nationally based but translated pretty close. It’s an expensive proposition.
  5. We will get to it Slick. Thanks for the input.
  6. Appreciate that Slick. We are excited about Coach Hankins and what he brings to the table. We will be doing two of these shows per month through July.
  7. New show posted on our YouTube channel. Next show airs January 4. Merry Christmas MST!
  8. Hey Vott. This is a new program we are adding. We will be doing two a month until season starts. The first one aired last night and is posted. The next one will air on the 21st and we start 2022 on the 4th. Thanks for checking us out!!
  9. Follow War Eagle Football with Coach Jack Hankins on YouTube at wareaglefootballms.
  10. IMO. Winning begins and ends with the administration. At any level. If a program can’t win it falls solely on the administration. It is incumbent upon them to hire the best coach available. Give him complete authority over the program. Let him hire his assistants that he wants and keep the activities of the staff beyond Football to a minimum. Give him what he asks for and get out of the way. That is the pathway to a successful program.
  11. Coach Hankins and this staff. These kids. Man they have gelled. Interesting win. Looking forward to where it ultimately ends.
  12. Finally...Hopefully....we can get this thing started. Jamboree on 8/30........Cancelled Game 1 8/28.................Cancelled Game 2 9/3...................Cancelled Practice cancelled August 20 - September 2 Absolutely can not wait for some ACTION Safe travels to the Goula folk that will be coming to Waynesboro Friday night.
  13. We have moved Pascagoula to the 10th and will play Geroge County on the 17th
  14. There is that LOL. I've seen that done as well.
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