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  1. NT . Having touble uploading. Wabo1 do it if you can. This last one is a good one.
  2. I feel pretty confident in saying that we didn’t play a team last season as good as Oak Grove will be so it will be the first time our players have went up against top 6A competition. Coach is still saying the offensive line is nowhere close to what he wants it which means our kids will probably get schooled. Every program trying to climb the ladder has to take the lumps but the good ones learn from it. I look for a lot of freshman to push for playing time. On another note, when are you going to quit chasing tail and start coming to these games again. We need to tailgate one Friday.
  3. Wayne County will be playing in Poplarville at PRCC. I really don’t know against who, on May 20.
  4. I meant that as saying it to Petal not your post sorry for the wires crossed. We love the competition. Iron sharpens iron.
  5. Can’t wait. Its no shock hearing that it was Petal that went crying because they were stuck in a region that was unwinable for them . Coach Boyles is in the rearview now and they are spiraling back to their historical average. There are some monsters coming up in our region . Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.
  6. low t , I called it. Which was catchy and attention grabbing at the time but that’s why he’s a real football coach and I’m more trademark promotional. It also made our newspaper guy bristle when someone mentioned it to him. For the record we also ran spread and would switch in game a lot of times which isn’t easy and pretty amazing given he only had two weeks of dressed practice before playing a game.
  7. Coach talks about spring game and takes a dig at me for dismissing his wing t before the season, lol. Hey coach I’m man enough to admit I was wrong and ill informed. Our kids looked great running it when they switched to it in game. I’m ready for the season to start. If you haven’t become a premium donor do it.Wayne County needs the stands full again. Only thing I would like to see is grill smoke rolling around inside the stadium again. See y’all in Poplarville May 20.
  8. This should be required listening for all school boards about cost.
  9. Talking about how they are handling incoming freshmen and the spring game schedule
  10. Another off season, another Hattiesburg Tiger hope thread. At least you are consistent Deonte. wake me when the tigers show some signs of life on offense again. Until then this subject is
  11. I hope they cover the possible reclassification in the upcoming weeks and where the process stands
  12. I wouldn’t mind going back to the coast region but the other region could just hand their title to Laurel. The South looks extremely top heavy without West, Brookhaven or Hattiesburg. When will we know if this is for sure or not ?
  13. There was a lot of pushback that it would water down the playoffs when we went to six classes and the state grew into it. The same will happen here. Bring it on.
  14. This week is worth the listen if you get the chance
  15. Wow on Dolan leaving D’Iberville. I always thought he had them headed in the right direction. They should have hired Coach Mangum, I think he would have stayed there longer. It’s no secret he was wanting to move back to the coast.
  16. slicklizard


    I was at a party last night in Metarie LA. So it wasn’t me.
  17. I didn’t make my own list so I really hate to put down on another man’s but I probably watched theses two cats as much as anyone did this season and
  18. Me too Tiburon It was great night weather wise and the game was played nearly perfect both teams.. I think Earnest thought that lead was safe and took his foot off the gas offensively. He paid for it too. Momentum is a hell of a thing in a game like that.
  19. This weeks show. Thanks WABO1 for making these happen. Breaks up the monotony of the off season.
  20. Wayne County brings everyone back except for WR Abney I think. How many starters is Laurel losing ?
  21. Just a couple of points. Where would you have put Todd Breland when he was at Laurel in 2014 and 2015 ? Is he any less of a coach because he is coaching a doormat program now? Lewis Sims has done just about as much as the Neshoba Central coach has at this point..
  22. I took the liberty of posting a direct link. If you can't feel the passion and vision this man has for our program I don't knpw what to say. He gets it and I believe we are on the cusp of something great. I have given poor Bubba Hathorne grief on here for years but he nailed this one and did it the right way. . I think he had gotten complacent under Bobby Jones then Branch challenged him and he went and got us a true leader. Good job Bubba but don't get the big head
  23. That does change my perspective on it some. They had the whole game to overcome it in and didn’t. It doesn’t make the call right though. Their offense wasn’t dynamic enough to win the game but they were probably on even footing with West Point as far as ranking order.
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