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  1. Stogner has proven all the doubters wrong. Enough said. Came a point in the game that West Point was lost and completely didn’t know what to do . That offense is almost unstoppable with close to equal talent against a defense that has not seen it on the regular. Believe me we.ve been there too. congratulations 2021 5A stat champs Picayune Maroon Tide
  2. He better hold off on renting that uhaul and put that money on attending a pass defense clinic
  3. This game is everything it should be for the highest classification in the state MC offense reminds me so much of Coach Boyles at WC. They line up in a different formation every snap . Split back, eye with fullback in front, and single back.
  4. I didn’t see a block in the back. Only the Bay Springs sideline whining for a flag. And that bad call caused them to be on the field for the next play where #7 got hurt
  5. This coach at Simmons will get a chance at the higher levels soon. He knows how to manage a limited roster and save his bullets. Simmons will pull away in the fourth when he starts with the misdirection he’s setting up right now
  6. When Simmons needs a play they will just go with #7. Bay Springs already don’t want to tackle him.
  7. Wow you convinced me man. Thanks for the info, I would have never guessed it.
  8. I’ve watched Picayune the last three weeks. Thery were out sized in all them. The one thing they have do have is grit. They never quit coming. Against Laure they were down 28-17 late in the third quarter and they came back on sheer Will power at the line of scrimmage and Laurel has a dam good team. I haven’t seen West Point play but I suspect by their history it will be no country for old men at the line of scrimmage .. I wish I could make it to watch it. There is word going around that West Point coach has his years in and is going to hang it up after the season. What’s the word up there ?
  9. Does this radio station stream online or is a map with a lot of circles on it all we get ? This is so MHSAA , Vague, confusing and wondering is it really even going to work. Who doesn’t consider putting streaming info up in this day and age ? EDIT: NFHS will broadcast all the games on their website, you can watch on your tablet, phone or TV if you have a Roku for 11.00 dollars for the month, You also get the Louisiana games the next weekend and Texas beyond that. I've gotten it a few years now and it works seamlessly. It's worth the money,
  10. I saw the finish of this game on my phone after the game in Picayune. I understand where Causey was coming from going for two but IDK I was kind of hoping for overtime. Oak Grove was already struggling down close to the goal line so I think the odds for making the two were way down. Plus I felt like Brandon was due for a mistake. Make their offense handle the ball again in OT and see what happens. Hey I get it , make the two you are a hero, miss it a the call will be questioned. Great season Oak Grove ya'll were right there in the end. Congraats to Brandon. Now go finish
  11. What a game!!! I knew it would be a thriller. Both teams fought hard and didn't want to give in. I had took Picayune for finished when it was 28-17 but man, that offensive line dug deep and took over the game. Much respect to Laurel. Congrats to Picayune on another State title appearance . Tib and the boys it was good seeing you guys.
  12. I heard he was cleared to go back. I think this game will come down to picayune defense against Laurel offense. I think picayune will move the ball against Laurel based n what I saw when we played them. They really haven’t been challenged since. Picayune needs to get a couple of turnovers or stops on fourth down to steal possessions. I think this game is going to be very entertaining but the stress will be off the charts in the stands on both sides
  13. I’ll say this much about it, if Merlin says something about the situation you can take it to the bank.
  14. Can’t wait . Picayne defense is tough and very physical. Laurel defense has really come on the last half of the season. The only team they faced with that packed in offense was us and we were throwing into the end zone at the end for the win. Laurel likes to get up a couple of scores and play soft defense at the end to make the other team burn clock. It’s going to be interesting if their offense is standing on the sideline watching Picayune eat the clock up.
  15. Laurel is on a roll . But so is Picayune. The two teams that are peaking right now in 5A South are playing at the southern end of I59 next Friday. I can’t take anything away from either it worked out the way it should have.
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