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  1. Yeah that’s what they are showing here too. So I might get to make the trip after all me and my grandson
  2. The OS/Brandon matchup is going to be a good one. Hubbard is an amazing athlete but you can’t just focus on him. On the Brandon side they are loaded with talent. I’m going with OS at home. In the North man Tupelo has been solid all season so I believe this could be the year for them to come to Hattiesburg
  3. I know back when WC was more of a passing team we felt the wet conditions were to our advantage. The reasoning was because the receivers knew their routes and cuts. The DBs had to adjust. The wet balls can be changed out and dried. Everyone was hoping for good weather I know I was. We were planning on making the trip but I’m not driving three hours to sit in the rain sorry lol
  4. All the talk about Guatier’s offense rightfully so. Their defense has really improved as well. The issue I saw when WC played them was discipline they had five or six unsportsmanlike penalties. The coaches saw enough and called timeout and scolded them pretty good. If they get that under control this is definitely a toss up in my opinion.
  5. After take three of my Grandsons with me to Guatier tonight. I had a lot of time to reflect on the game as they slept all the way home lol.first I’m very proud of our kids . We jumped out to a 13- 0 lead in the first two minutes of the game. Then Guatier rolled of 31 unanswered points. It would have been easy for our guys to lay down but they competed.we are a team loaded with Sophomores and Juniors we had very few Seniors so we nave a bright future. Second if you haven’t watched the QB from Guatier go watch this kid. He’s headed to Ole Miss to play baseball. He’s one of of not the best high school Qb I’ve seen. He also has plenty of talented skilled players around him. I will be shocked if they are not headed for a rematch with Picayune. Lastly this was a sloppy game by Guatier that’s right without the penalties the score would have been much worse. I can’t tell you the number of unsportsmanlike penalties they had including a hit on Wayne Counties punt returner when the punt was know where near him he left the game with a concussion. I will say this their coaches took control of thei sidelines. If they get the penalties under control they are going to be a hard out of the playoffs.
  6. We are but what can we do besides play the team in front of us. But something needs to be done by the MHSAA to see this doesn’t happen again no matter what school it is.
  7. WJ was held scoreless in the first half against WC. They made an adjustment and went to a jumbo wildcat formation. They brought in two big guys offensive or defensive linemen as extra blockers out of the backfield. They direct snapped to a tight end they had lined up at QB. Yes in that formation with the size they have up front they can move the ball. It may not be chunk plays but it will wear a defense out. To let you know what kind of coach WJ has he knew he was down to a young QB and had other key players out. He installed this offense on a Tuesday before the game on Thursday. Then had the trust in his team to run it
  8. West Jones has a defensive front seven that can stop the run. They will have to pass to keep them off balance. I haven’t seen EC in a couple of years. WJ is also banged up but still a really good team and very well coached.
  9. Tib I agree with you here. I don’t know if I’ve saw a high school QB with as much arm talent as the Guatier QB. He can deliver the ball on point from any arm angle, granted he’s got talent around him to. WC has their work cut out trying to slow them down. They put up video game numbers, I knew the game last week between Picayune and Guatier would be a classic.
  10. Good question lol Laurel lost to Florence and Wayne County West Jones lost to Laurel and Hattiesburg Wayne County lost to Hattiesburg and WJ
  11. Well the top four will be Hattiesburg lock at 1seed West Jones Wayne County Laurel 2-4 seedlings to be determined Saturday by the Laurel at Hattiesburg game
  12. I think South Jones instead of Laurel. Because Laurel would be a little closer to Jackson, Brookhaven and Natchez. South Jones is closer to Stone. Either would be a pretty good region
  13. For whatever reason in years past when they have pulled a team from 3 5A it’s always been Wayne County going to the coast region
  14. Both teams put up video game type numbers. I’m looking for a shootout!!!!!
  15. We had a lot of fun throughout the years. Then we would get together and tailgate. I have been here so long I forgot what year I lost a dear friend Oldtiger . Sosodude I don’t know if he’s still here but we had a pretty good friendship. That’s what I like about this site compared to all the trash talk on Facebook
  16. Laurel lined up and run the ball behind that huge offensive line last night. The difference is Hattiesburg’s front can match their size. I was told last night that the kid that has been starting at QB is out for the season the played #2 against us. They went up 29-15 early in the third and our kids got stops and kept their defense on the field and you could see it wearing them down. Now we are a different team on the road so we need to put together our best road game. You and I know that we’ve took some very good teams to WJ and come up short. We need a win to ensure a home game in the playoffs.
  17. 1) Hattiesburg Region champs Host Laurel next week 2) Wayne County 4-1 in Region at West Jones next week 3) Laurel 3-2 in Region at Hattiesburg next week. Could be a Must win for Laurel because Florence holds the head to head advantage. 4) West Jones 3-2 in Region host rival Wayne County next week. This is an unfamiliar position for WJ. ( A Florence win against Natchez with a Laurel loss at Hattiesburg puts Florence in as the #4 seed.) a lot at stake playoff wise for everyone besides Hattiesburg who’s clinched the #1 seed.
  18. In order for WC to win first Hattiesburg would have to drop their last two if Laurel drops their last two and Florence wins out Florence would be in and Laurel out
  19. Slick for us to have a shot the last two games we have to come out like we did against OG and finish. I know both Laurel and WJ both are very good with size and athletes all over the field. I have a hard time believing they are any better than OG was and we hung with them until the turnover bug hit us.
  20. As you should be always be proud of your kids that represent your community. Hattiesburg has some potential for sure but early injuries may still be holding them back a little. Offensive line and defensive front seven to me seems to be their strength. They also have a CB I think Boykin was his name I could be wrong but he’s very good.
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