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  1. Their 72 points today has never been done either. Great offense. Did not watch the game but was it as bad as the score?
  2. I feel like for MC this has been a long time coming and they finally broke the barrier to what they can accomplish going forward. Having been in the North State Championship 10 out of the last 15 years there is no way it should’ve taken this long, but man SP, Starkville, and Clinton with Akers always got us in the game before the state championship. As a former player from back when it really got going I congratulate these guys and hope that this got MC over the hump for the upcoming years. Big shoutout to Brandon for an outstanding season as I now live 3 miles from BHS. My kids will attend there and I will be a Bulldog when that happens, but I’ll always represent my home team and town that I grew up in and played for.
  3. It was mainly a single back shotgun with maybe an H-Back until the qb got hurt in round 2. Once the big backup came in it immediately run first. Credit to Brandon they made MC throw the ball more than they would have wanted to.
  4. 24-17 MC with around 5 minutes left. Been a great game so far.
  5. MC is currently without their qb but handled Starkville easily tonight. Brandon has been on a roll since week 2 when MC won 42-19. Completely different teams now and I hate that it’s in Hattiesburg instead of Jackson due to it being two metro teams. They could’ve possibly set an attendance record if it was.
  6. 31-7 MC. 4th quarter about to get started
  7. Nothing yet confirmed. However if he is out then we expect a heavy dose on the ground as normal with some short to medium balls.
  8. Not exactly if you get the context of “Let’s go Brandon” lol
  9. Because one school gives you a world class education. That alone is the difference. City, conference, etc does not matter when comparing the two. If a potential employer is looking at a resume and you have a degree from Vanderbilt vs Southern Miss they are taking the Vandy grad every time. Same could be said for Vandy vs the majority of any southern schools.
  10. You act like this is the only D1 player in the region. Starkville has multiple that are younger. MC has 3 or so. Germantown has the best DL in the state in Harris and one of the top 3 RB’s in the country that’s committed to Georgia. One guy doesn’t make a difference in this league.
  11. Yeah they will beat Murrah and probably go 1-1 against Clinton and Germantown. Would not surprise me if the lost to both however.
  12. And adults will absolutely question you, especially regarding their kids. If I don’t know every single detail about you and your previous life then I’m not going to trust you with my kids
  13. I mean if these kids you are working out are at a different program than the one that you represent I can see where it comes from. You can’t be biased towards one program while working out kids who may represent another.
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