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  1. False. Marcus himself has said the highest offered was $250k per year of college so $1 million if he chose to take it and stay all 4 years. He did however get offered an oil well at one point though lol but he didn’t sign with either school that offered that.
  2. Nothing about Lance Pogue is the best high school coach in the state. He had the best of the best during the SP tenure and fans were sick of his offense and wanted the D to be as good as it was in the 2000’s with Woods. With JA he was consistently 3rd of the big 3 metro teams.
  3. I’m back for now lol but I feel like it’s you that’ll face the music… again
  4. Because one is basically in Hattiesburg and the other is in Carriere?
  5. What a foolish take. Sure every private school recruits as well as public schools. If a parent can better the kid’s education at MRA other than any JPS school then they should do so. Same goes for Prep and JA. It means everything to a lot of families that have their kids “recruited” and given a better opportunity for education. Go ahead and throw athletics in as well because MRA, Prep, JA would honestly boat race a JPS school. Just facts and I’m a Madison Central guy.
  6. The Hattiesburg guys don’t want to hear it but their best year in recent history got drilled by West Jones in the 2nd round. Past 3 years they’ve been 13-18… Tons of talent and little coaching regardless of how everyone feels about Tony Vance
  7. Years. Just like the Hattiesburg crew every year going to next levels and finishing with losing records
  8. Germantown had talent this year and did nothing. Going forward we will see but as long as MC is getting the Flora kids then Germantown will remain the same and MC will be dominant.
  9. DL is by far the most talented group we have. They should cause havoc. DB’s are solid. Would put them also as a strength especially if Kamauri Rodgers was playing. WR’s are by far the best group on the offensive side. OL is solid. RB’s are ok. Would be a great group if Branson was playing. QB’s may actually be the weakest group as far as the offense goes even though Barnett and Wilcke are decent.
  10. Well the results say we won a state championship and you had a losing record. 2 years ago you predicted Hattiesburg to go undefeated in the regular season and they proceeded to go 4-7. Don’t come at me with that Lol
  11. Daniel Hill is by far the best player on this list. Hate he got injured
  12. Looks like we found a MRA player. That you Mr. White?
  13. If only I could pull up posts from the old site. You know damn good and well every single Hattiesburg poster talks about how great the team is until they get rocked in the first few weeks. Then they were just young, talent left, refs screwed them.. etc.
  14. To add to my previous post, look around in college football at the best teams and you’ll find a good mix of the concepts used in both an air raid and Wing T or even the midline
  15. You can absolutely run the Wing T out of the spread. Many of the Oregon with Chip Kelly and West Virginia with Rich Rod proved this. All about motion, misdirection, and fakes. Same exact concepts with a back on one side of the qb, an up back (H-Back in today’s terms) and a slot guy motioning or coming in for a sweep like a wing back would do. It’s just evolved so much over the years. Now with the RPO offenses are many of the same concepts just tweaking it more and more. Yes the athletes have to be there in order to run the wing T. The air raid offense came about due to less talented teams spreading it around and getting open in space. A lot of timing routes involved. You could argue air raid receivers aren’t developed either because they don’t really have a route tree. There’s no reading the defense it’s about timing and being where you are supposed to be.
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