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  1. Looking over the resumes of Raleigh, Tylertown , Enterprise and JDC. Jefferson Davis County had the toughest schedule by far. They lost their first 4 games to very good teams. The rest of their schedule looked comparable. I think any of the 4 could win the south and or the state. All 4 teams are good, but at this stage of the game you have to be more than good. You have to be a team. I know EC has that. I don't know that about the other 3. Either way its going to be a great battle and that my friends is the best part. God bless.
  2. I haven't seen Raleigh play but everything points to them being a great team. I've seem Morton and they left me with the impression they have way more to give. This game could be a great game if Morton gets right.
  3. This should be a great game. Magee has a good run pass ratio and great defense. Enterprise has a multi threat running game and can pass the ball enough to keep the defense honest and a well rounded defense. This is should be a 4 quarter game for sure.
  4. That is an easy statement to make. How about saying something original? WOW? lol
  5. I also think Seminary had a tougher schedule. Seminary has a better team than their record reflects. It should be a good game but I believe Ent will come out on top.
  6. Mike67

    Pick 'em

    It was a tough call for that game and a couple of the other ones. The reason I chose Houston was. I think they have a little better team than there record. I guess I am thinking this late in the season they might have it together. The safe bet would be Sen. The game belongs to the team that shows up and takes it. They are both good teams. Now Kozy. can defiantly beat Cal. its a push on that one for sure.
  7. Mike67

    Pick 'em

    Wayne County at West Jones Oxford at Madison Central Pearl at Brandon Coffeeville at West Tallahatchie Hattiesburg at Laurel Houston at Senatobia Union at West Marion Kosciusko at Caledonia Meridian at Warren Central Philadelphia at Heidelberg
  8. That"s true. There is no such thing as always. I am speaking more in general as a community. And the fact that it takes a community to raise a child not just an individual. Some are born with great athletic skills but that comes and goes. A great program at least in my opinion is one that makes the best out of the talent they have. In reality that is all a great high school coach can do. A coach can make a team better than there talent. But that doesn't mean he can make them win in all regardless of there talent.
  9. I need to get something off my chest. So spare the rant please. Every community wants a great coach. That's a given. Well if you're lucky enough to find one, great. But he wont be there long. Because I'm sure he will want the try the next level. And if he is great I'm also sure he will get the chance. A great football program is built from the community. High school coaches don't get to recruit. As a community we have to get behind our coaches and player to build them. tearing either one down only makes it worse on the program. Winning and losing has to be place at the feet of the player. If you give them an excuse like the coach sucks or the officials make bad calls. Then the player wont have a the ownership in the results. There is no doubt some coaches are better than others. But keep in mind. Would a great coach want to come to a bad community. My advice would be to get behind your program with all you have. Then you can be a part of building a great program.
  10. I went back and to a look and would have to agree there schedule looks to be a little underwhelming. I think they are good but it doesn't look like they have been tested like they are about to be. This could be an interesting game.
  11. Yes that is not the normal for sure. Hartfield has stepped up. Massey has it 28-14 Hartfield.
  12. I haven't looked through all the posts.But I really like that y'all go back and reflect on the games and don't bash. Just make assessments. We all have opinions and that's great. It doesn't make us right or wrong. But as long as we put in a way everyone maintains there ears is can be helpful. Thank you for thinking before you post.
  13. First of all I have never made a post on this forum or any other running anyone down. I'm not a coach basher. If you have ever coached anything your life you would know a coach don't need to be bashed. They usual beat themselves up enough. The kids that play for him need to respect him. You can't help a program by bashing the coaches. As far as who you call my friend I'm not sure who he may be. But to be clear. I don't condone any of his either.
  14. As for myself I don't see a problem with someone bringing up another player and letting us know about his accomplishments under this kind of post. I think that's what it all about. I believe the original post said the Zee could be the best sophomore in the state. That is not saying he is the best. just possibly. Some took the opportunity to bash for what looks like a childish vendetta. I just hope when we are calling a player out we remember they are just children. We should all try to help build our children not use them as a tool to get back at someone we have issues with.This is a public forum and these children can and do read this stuff.
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