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  1. I think MRA has to be #1 right now. Simply based on the fact that Holmes County and Raymond both already have early season losses and MRA completely destroyed a solid Clinton Christian team without their full roster. NWR is a team to be on the lookout for too this year. They're solid.
  2. Parklane should be pretty good too. Going to be a good year for MAIS basketball.
  3. This is spot on. JA's o-line is horrible. I watched Hartfield and JA against Pillow and Hartfield was by far the more impressive team. JA is also without Harris right now from a leg injury. JA and Prep is always a competitive game too. Outside of a few years where JA was terrible, they still usually make it a fun game. I fully expect it to be as crazy of a game as it usually it.
  4. There have been rumors Hillcrest is on the verge of closing every year for like 10 years. Bound to happen at some point.
  5. I think Prep could beat JA and Yazoo City. Yazoo isn't as good as a year ago and I think JA is a little overrated. I think people are overlooking Hartfield though. Wouldn't surprise me to see them in the chip with MRA.
  6. From what I can tell they have their same team plus a bunch of kids from Hillcrest last year. They also got a guard from Germantown and maybe somebody else.
  7. Seems pretty accurate to me. I think Ealy masked a lot of what Prep people were getting irritated about before he showed up. A lot of people were calling for Black to be out when JA went on its last run of three championships in a row. Doesn't really surprise me at all that they actually did it once MRA got two.
  8. MRA, JA, and GCS will all be very good. MRA has basically the same team with some new talent, except they lost Hughes. JA has basically the same team with several new players and some very talented kids moving up from JV. And GCS will have basically the same group but better. They'll all three be stacked and I could see any of them taking the overall. Dark horses for me would be Clinton Christian and Prep. Prep will go as far a Brent carries them.
  9. Backtracking lol "They'll get tired" "They don't have the depth" "OG isn't the #1 team"
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