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  1. Not to steal the thread, but related to coaching deals, what about Michigan State's performance after the Tucker extension? This is how it would work in marriage. Some of my buddies start a rumor that I may leave my wife for a younger lady who is way out of my league. Instead of being in trouble, I now get double the benefits of marriage no matter how bad my performance is. Only I know if the other lady was really interested or not.
  2. Kosciusko seems to be much improved no matter how the rest of the season plays out. Maybe not a contender, but improved.
  3. Oklahoma was close late with Kansas. They've not been very convincing in their wins.
  4. LSU players may have known. They seemed to have a little more fire. I'm the same on Tennessee fans should take notice of MSU fan being glad OM won. Mostly for Lane personally, right? But still unacceptable.
  5. Just got called for face mask against Clemson. That's a tough QB. What about him with Mullen? I think that could have worked.
  6. Thinking about Mitchell as possible MSU WBB replacement and realized there are several college and successful high school football coaches from Louisville area. Anybody want to roll out a list and some commentary as to why?
  7. OM - Tennessee should be entertaining. OM should be able to outscore them. Bama may have been awakened. It may be bad, but I'm not sure if they are as dominant as some past years even so. We'll see how for real Kentucky is I guess. I think they're pretty good, but I thought that about Arkansas too.
  8. Unfortunately, the program may not reach the heights it did under Shaffer again no matter who the coach is. It was kind of a perfect storm of the right coach and right players at the right time.
  9. I don't know what comments were exactly. People will have their opinions. But to me it's really bad judgement for a guy in that position to put out stuff that even might be controversial. Same thing with Meyer. Maybe it was innocent, but you can't put yourself in that position. Without making moral judgement on some of these guys, at least have some discretion. Freeze is a little different for me though because he was talking one way and living another.
  10. Since A&M beat #1 and MSU beat A&M, does that mean... Naw, I guess it doesn't mean anything but that it's all a pretty big mess right now and especially if Kentucky were to beat Georgia.
  11. I think the craziness may have something to do with following the covid year. The players missed a year of true road atmosphere. Also, the physicality of teams seems to be hit or miss and maybe that has something to do with missing some live contact during the last 18 months. Overall, defense seems to be weak. The win is actually a negative for me toward Fisher. Where was that team at the rest of the games? That's on the coach to me. Now that we know more about what Arkansas is, A&M should have been unbeaten coming into this game.
  12. What's up with Chris Brooks on the radio? Friday was the last day. What's he doing?
  13. This was the popcorn game Kiffin was looking for. Not just this game, but most of college football, the tackling and gap responsibility is worse than high school was 25-30 years ago. Arkansas' advantage would have been controlling the clock and limiting OM possessions. These modern day offenses play callers can't resist getting in a shootout. You shouldn't have a shootout if you're badly out-gunned.
  14. Yeah why throw at all when you're gaining 7-8 yards per run.
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