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  1. Easy for Harrison to succeed at Heritage with the studs he had. He hasn’t won everywhere he has been. He needs to make a move while his name is still hot.
  2. There is always more to the story…
  3. They tried the same with him last year.
  4. All those school records got him 5 losses, no championship, and no job. But that’s none of my business. My money is on Sean Harrison at Heritage to get this job.
  5. Dude, it’s just someone’s opinion. Quit being an ass.
  6. Once again, for the 2022 season he will be.
  7. Only one open in his area is Marshall.
  8. Two names that I’m hearing… Pennock Schoolar
  9. They may be pursuing him, but doubt he wants it. Because of Bond, St Joe needs a culture overhaul for the entire program. May be something that Ricky Joe doesn’t want to take over at his age. The QBs daddy is the one making the hire anyway; I’m sure he wants someone that runs the Air Raid.
  10. Heard that Pogue and Prep’s coach both were trying to get that job as well.
  11. Ask St Joe. They’ve been in the bottom end of both.
  12. For the St Joseph kids’ sake, hopefully the school hires an actual football coach this time.
  13. He wasted some talent on those teams…
  14. Jacob Land is the new Head Coach at Lamar School.
  15. Madison Central Brandon Neshoba Central Picayune Caledonia Poplarville North Panola Raleigh Charleston Scott Central Simmons Bay Springs
  16. TheAnswer


    The winds of change are blowing on Lakeland.
  17. Well of course he’s going to do better than any coach before him… easy to do when a school has had almost 30 coaches since 1971.
  18. Greenwood has been solid since ‘10. You take away the last 2 years away and the GCS coach is under .500…
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