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  1. Going to be a long year for Rosedale…
  2. Good thing is that things can’t get much worse… except going 0-fer this season.
  3. Wow… an 8-Man academy beat mighty West Bolivar…
  4. GCS has been hitting the recruiting trail hard. Tried pulling kids from Holmes County Central but had no success there. More so successful with delta schools.
  5. This won’t end well…
  6. Pogue is headed to Heritage!!!
  7. He’s a plastic surgeon. I guess he can afford it.
  8. I’ll go ahead and say it… Picarella’s dad (St Joe QB) is paying for 8 to 10 kids to attend the school solely for football.
  9. JA has gone downhill recently and are in danger of becoming the 4th best metro team. However, their junior high was legit this last year. As far as other schools in the area, MRA is well-coached and are the best recruiters in the state. Prep has solid athletes and will be well-coached. Both Hartfield and JA are chasing MRA for best recruiters in the state, but coaching has been very suspect at times for both.
  10. Actually only schools with an opening that week is Greenville St Joe and Delta Streets.
  11. Interesting here… The event will be moved back a week to Week Zero (Aug. 19-20) and will be part of the participants’ regular-season schedule. In the past, it was held a week earlier and was an addition to each team’s schedule. That will limit MAIS schools
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