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  1. I know all of this happened 15+ years ago but it's still funny that Louisville and Madison Central had the same two coaches over spans of 20+ years.
  2. Key word “women's” looks like the Mississippi women's basketball craze is back
  3. Nice to have you. What confuses me was how you had already commented when you created said account.
  4. Hold up I looked at the activity and saw that you commented 2 minutes before you got an account? Interesting
  5. Yes entering the transfer portal doesn't necessarily mean you're gone. You can just be recruited by other schools now.
  6. Also why are we talking about womens basketball? State has fallen back to mediocrity and Ole Miss has never been good. High School womens basketball is way more interesting at the moment.
  7. A&M has a terrible strength of schedule. However this Kentucky game could easily put them on the map. Auburn is destroying Georgia as normal. Florida finally got their first SEC win against State. Outside of the A&M Kentucky game, pretty average SEC basketball day.
  8. Probably because he was injured half the time.
  9. Seems that Perry went up to a decent Missouri school last year. It would take a lot to bring him to Prep.
  10. That being said, private schools travel a whole lot more.
  11. They did have to go to Madison Central, Germantown, and Clinton. By that point I would get PTSD from the Natchez Trace.
  12. I still think Prep wants to go younger. They do need to find personality though. Honestly that was part of Turner's downfall. He just didn't fit the landscape. Look at JA's coaches. They hired the best coaches in the state but they haven't been able to fit the private school landscape as well as the public school landscape.
  13. Tupelo and Clinton would not be in the same region. But to answer your question, probably not.
  14. There would be 51 1A schools although some of them won't play football.
  15. It has been a little while, but the starting QB job at Georgia is wide open. Bennett will graduate and while Daniels will have to compete with Vandagriff, it is likely that a healthy Daniels would win.
  16. Anyway Auburn should have been #1 and Georgia will lose by 30 tonight. War Eagle
  17. Just like the rumors of them bringing in a 7-footer for their basketball team?
  18. Also saying someone is wrong is not offensive unless it was personal. It isn't personal.
  19. I don't know...the difference in Alabama/Georgia and Southern Miss or the NFL and the CFL.
  20. Suntarine Perkins plays for Raleigh High School. Terribly coached, not a lot of talent around him. Picayune has a better program. Also Dowdell got twice as many carries. I would hope Dowdell gets more yards. Perkins has many major D1 offers. Dowdell has one from Southern Miss. In short, you are wrong.
  21. Also Mack Howard is the concensus top ranked Mississippi QB in the class of 23.
  22. Ok then how come Perkins isn't first? He has four more stars than Dowdell.
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