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  1. Glad that the football divisions are more equally balanced. 3A this past year had like 10 teams. Also props to Manchester for bumping up to 11 man.
  2. Should be released to the public soon but are out. Rumor on the street is that Parklane will be replaced by Madison St Joe or Starkville Academy in 6A. If anyone actually knows anything, I would like to know.
  3. Perkins is the #1 player in the state. Of course no ones going to be as good as him. Y'all might have an answer for the rest of their offense, but you won't have an answer for Perkins. Also don't brag about how you beat mediocre teams. Its not impressive.
  4. msaisbandkid

    MAIS 6A

    MRA has maintained a stranglehold on the division in the past few years. However, due to graduation and the "transfer portal", the team has lost a lot. Can JA, Prep, or Hartfield, slay the dragon and beat MRA for the first time since 2018? Does MRA hold on for one more year? Thoughts?
  5. Raleigh has good skill players that function under Perkins shadow. Their linemen are really good. Their running game will carry them way over many teams in 3A, including Enterprise. Its hilarious that your ignorance has extended for this long. Most of us learn from our mistakes.
  6. Appreciate the vote of confidence for MRA but I don't think that will happen.
  7. Agreed. There are only a few good school districts in Mississippi. COVID has exposed this furthermore. Maybe these public school systems in these areas will see how bad their athletics are and figure out that their academics and policies are the problem.
  8. No Private schools get recruits who are either looking for better academics or playing time. You don't see major D1 prospects from Madison Central, Germantown, Brandon, NW Rankin, etc. transfer to one of the private schools. Jackson Academy gets a lot of ex-JPS kids because of its location and the fact that JPS is a dumpster fire of a school system.
  9. Unless they recruited a whole lot of D1 athletes then they will be trash this year.
  10. This is a Week 0 game.
  11. MRA vs Greenville Christian has been scheduled. I don’t know if Greenville has a new batch of recruits because they only have 13 returning players on their team.
  12. MRA played Hazlehurst on Thursday. Still can’t find the score to that.
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