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  1. Oxford got absolutely obliterated by Madison Central just two weeks ago. The game may be closer but there is no way they are beating Madison Central.
  2. Let's all root for Brandon. Anyone who does not root for Brandon is a Democrat.
  3. Props to Central Holmes for scoring.
  4. Who knew a "misguided youth" could spark some decent conversation? Also final score 52-14.
  5. The computers think highly touted wide receivers do more than they actually do. Wide Receivers can only do so much when you have a god awful quarterback.
  6. 1. The typo was an autocorrect. 2. MRA has city police as well as school security on patrol during games. You can't even park on campus without a pass. On top of that MRA is in the richest city in the state of Mississippi with one of the smallest crime rates. Real "thugs" don't exist in Madison. It was definitely a bunch of JA students that did the job.
  7. Jackson Prep will beat Hartfield.
  8. MRAs fences our a little better then a chain linked fence but they trashed certain parts of campus and ripped out the bathroom stalls.
  9. This game can potentially turn the tide of athletics in Flowood MS...but not tonight. Prep wins a close one. Prediction Prep 24-17
  10. This will be a fun game. No amount of JA Rowdy sabotage or vandalism can save them now. As an MRA student I question why it is a good idea to host JA again after what happened the first time around. Either way I look forward to wiping the floor with them. Prediction: MRA 49 JA 14
  11. Raleigh is a solid team but all you have to do to beat this team is just be able to contain their running game and penetrate their line. Easier said than done though. Morton doesn't have what it takes. Raleigh wins relatively easily 35-14.
  12. He was under .500 when he had no talent. And even with the roster he had, McLendon did better than any GCS coach before him.
  13. Historically speaking they have not been very good. Recently speaking Greenwood and O'Bannon have been pretty but have no state championships to show for it while being in lesser divisions. It will take a couple years before the talent that they had pre-COVID will come back.
  14. All of the Greenville/Greenwood/Yazoo public schools that these kids went to had terrible football teams. The point is that Greenville has always had the talent, but no coaching.
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