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  1. MRA vs Greenville Christian has been scheduled. I don’t know if Greenville has a new batch of recruits because they only have 13 returning players on their team.
  2. MRA played Hazlehurst on Thursday. Still can’t find the score to that.
  3. MRA was basically a country school until Madison grew into a wealthy suberb, where MRA grew in enrollment and eventually got really good in athletics and academics. Based on the current state of Madison. I don’t expect that to change. Prep was always the major power as they were a high school before JA and had the best combination of academics and athletics for years. Academics are still going strong but athletics have been a problem due to the emergence of MRA and Hartfield. JA was the school that used to attract most Madison/Ridgeland/North Jackson families before MRA. They didn’t get a high school until the 80s but they flourished in the small but growing north side market. Now that MRA and Jackson Prep are proven better schools in academics and athletics, JA is losing appeal in everywhere outside of Jackson proper, and the tuition is so high many families won’t be able to pay for it. Hartfield is an interesting case because they will never be able to compete with Prep academically, but have consistently been matching them athletically. Prep added an elementary school to combat Hartfield in their recruiting efforts to compete at an earlier stage. If Prep can win the elementary school battle where athletics don’t matter as much, they won’t have to worry about appealing to middle schoolers who are going solely for sports. Thoughts?
  4. Essentially JA without recruits
  5. By replacing the best high school coach in the state?
  6. Must have either forced pogue and brooks to take pay cuts or they just don’t want to be good at athletics anymore. Anyway that means three brand new coaches in MAIS 6A. Of the people that aren’t one of them is a second year and one a third year making Herbert Davis the elder statesman of the bunch by a long shot.
  7. MRA would win 3A or 4A easily. Same goes with JA or Prep. Private schools are a different market that supposedly sell a better/alternative experience to public schools. There are still private schools in the MHSAA and they dominate their division in most sports. It’s not that hard to grasp. They won’t have the depth to go against Oak Grove/Madison Central but they have the talent to match with anyone. That includes Picayune and all the JPS schools.
  8. Why are you getting your information from Wikipedia? You know those rules were in place in the 80s right?
  9. I did... we almost lost to Georgia. Also Arkansas had a much better time at the line.
  10. Either way that is a big one to two year turnaround and that kind of result should be rewarded. Administration can be dumb sometimes.
  11. Doesn't make sense. This was a good time to reach for a splash hire but I guess not.
  12. It would do that any year. Might as well be this one.
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