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  1. With the portal and NIL, I’m not sure anyone will know what to expect from year to year. However, a program like State should never go from NC to not making the NCAAT.
  2. UF took an early 6-0 lead on State and held on to win 8-6.
  3. Interesting. Butch was a huge OM fan growing up, but if OM can get McDonnell I can see OM working out something with Bianco.
  4. Could have scored 18 and it wouldn’t have been enough. Wow.
  5. OM has loved the 1st inning this series. Dang.
  6. I actually think if Bianco gets fired after losing in a regional or super, OM will be in good shape regarding coaching candidates. Great facilities, easy to recruit there, and it’s the SEC. I also think Bianco needs a CWS berth. As for tonight’s game and the series this weekend, I think both pitching staffs as a whole are struggling and OM has scored more consistently. I wonder if beating State 3 out of 4 or sweeping them will change anyones thoughts on what it takes for Bianco to keep his job.
  7. I saw today that DJ Jeffries has entered the portal AGAIN. I’m guessing he will have to sit out a year this time. State also had two other forwards enter the portal also.
  8. I’d definitely rather be winning now as apposed to losing. Lol.
  9. That’s insane. I didn’t know they lost much AND started off with pitching injuries. Have they been recruiting that well?
  10. Takes from week 2. Tennessee must be really, really, very good. The fact State struggled with Bama (probably should have actually been swept) is not a good sign.
  11. And in State’s favor, minus Molinar, State’s most talented players have already used their one immediate transfer. Lol. Of course they could just leave and try the G League. Watching the NCAAT, I’ve noticed some power 5 programs that are playing with far less highly rated players, but you can’t emphasize enough team chemistry and have role players.
  12. So Jans is the guy. He definitely has had success coaching, however it was at much smaller programs and he has no ties to the south it seems. Good X’s and O’s coach according to most, but it will be a wait and see as far as recruiting in this area.
  13. College baseball fans are some of the most fickle in the world. Some State fans were blasting Lemonis after last night’s loss. He doesn’t make good coaching decisions in game and he can’t develop players. After last night’s OM loss, people were dead set that OM wasn’t hosting a regional and Bianco is done. They’re about to take a road series in week one.
  14. Unless some pitchers figure it out quickly, State will not see their CWS streak reach 4 straight.
  15. Now South Carolina has joined the list of schools looking for a coach. The key to getting in the NCAAT is to have a few good wins. Alabama has a very unimpressive record, but they have wins over UTenn, LSU, and the big Baylor win. As for State, Howland and Stansbury prove you can get talent there. They just need to be coached. It’s important to have the right pieces too.
  16. I thought he should have won the MVP over Rodgers last season.
  17. I thought he would have more success there.
  18. WOW. Didn’t see that coming. I wonder if White was on his way out at UF.
  19. If Howland retires, it will be Howland “retiring”, if you know what I mean.
  20. Will Wade has been fired at LSU. Mostly due to the NCAA investigation, but if State fires Howland, you’re already competing against UGA, Missouri and LSU for a coach as of right now.
  21. State hires Sam Purcell, an assistant coach from Louisville, as their new WBB coach. What’s interesting to me about that is, before they hired McCray, Louisville’s head coach was rumored to be a serious contender for the State job. Two years later they’re having to settle for a Louisville assistant.
  22. Heritage has done a great job under Harrison at getting some good players from surrounding areas. They won’t be a favorite to win MAIS 5A, but they will have a good team. It will be interesting to see who they play at QB.
  23. Series won’t get much easier the rest of the season though.
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