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  1. This Auburn hire has seemed to pull Freeze’s past back out front and center. On top of that, I’m reading about some stuff at Liberty that I had no idea about. National media is focusing on a woman who was an assault victim that sent a letter to Auburn to “warn” them about Freeze. Also Cohen apparently didn’t take any questions from the media.
  2. Cohen made a hire to get Auburn back to being competitive. Competitive with State, OM, A&M and Arkansas.
  3. Right. Those last two games were impressive by S Carolina.
  4. So Kiffin is lying to the media that he accused of lying about him. Sounds about right.
  5. I don’t really buy the whole, “I didn’t want it to be about me staying instead of the team” excuse for not announcing before the Egg Bowl. With the uncertainty why not announce it before. It would rally the fanbase and players before a big rivalry game at home.
  6. That seems pretty immature, especially since he has never said this whole time he was definitely staying at OM. Even after Sokoloff’s report he said “probably”. Talking about the portal earlier, I think what hurt OM more is the OC and DC changes from last year. More so than the transfer players.
  7. And shoutout to 83, for calling 8-4 for both.
  8. If the rumors were true of Kiffin having a contract extension from OM on his desk last Monday, does OM withdraw that contract and change the numbers. How the last two weeks have unfolded, especially the past week, as well as it not being a given that Kiffin is Auburn’s top choice, may have given OM more leverage than before.
  9. Very similar to 2012 State right down to the 4th place SECW finish. I think most OM fans knew the early schedule could be misleading, but while they were winning, Arkansas and A&M were losing and State was struggling against good teams. That kind of changed expectations for the last quarter of the season.
  10. I see a lot of OM fans saying they’ll be fine if Kiffin stays or leaves, but if he stays he should NOT get a raise. That’s crazy since last Monday, most were saying pay him whatever he wanted. Im also reading that 8-4 is not bad for a “rebuilding year”. I know OM lost their backfield and QB, but these days you don’t raid the portal to rebuild. If you’re picking up one of the top portal class, you expect results that year. LSU and USC did.
  11. South takes 3A, 1A, 5A, and 2A. 4A and 6A could go either way.
  12. Wow. 9 of the 12 teams are in two small regions of the state.
  13. Louisville, Noxubee Co, West Point, and Starkville all playing for state championships. All within 50 miles of each other.
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