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  1. I don’t know why I thought Cincy was ahead of Bama in the last poll. They won’t move them above Bama after Bama beats #1.
  2. I’m guessing there wasn’t serious interest from Oklahoma in Kiffin. Last night they made it sound like IF Miami fired Diaz that Cristobal would be on the move. I was surprised Moorhead jumped back into head coaching at Akron. That seemed kind of odd.
  3. The way Iowa is moving the ball….. Cincy Bama ND UGA Or any other order.
  4. USC and OM are the two winners in the coaching carousel.
  5. Right. The first they’ll they’ll do is split up Bama and UGA. Any chance UGA drops out?
  6. If Michigan wins Mich Cincy Bama UGA The one scenario I didn’t account for in the SECCG was UGA being blown out. Maybe the SEC East is just THAT bad and UGA isn’t too 4. Their best win now is the Arkansas win.
  7. Baylor trying to shake things up. This would be good for OM, I believe.
  8. After Riley was hired at USC, I mentioned to someone that it seems impossible that Utah could be the best team in the Pac10. UCLA and USC are huge disappointments.
  9. And 3A. Other than West Point and Starkville the northeast part of the state has been down for a while.
  10. Bay Springs has some good size skill players. They look more physical than Simmons.
  11. JDC 42 Amory 10 Final 9th title for the JDC coach
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