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  1. I think this is the Game everyone wants to see. I have watched these Picayune boys grow into a powerhouse this season. We gonna go up to the Rock and punch West Point in the nose. Roll Tide Roll.
  2. The 12th man for Picayune showed out last night. Roll Tide Roll
  3. Good seeing you too Slick. We dug in deep and never quit.
  4. My score prediction...Picayune 38 Laurel 20
  5. I see that Laurel walks out with a bat before game. We got one too.
  6. You seen both teams play and you have a right to your opinion. My opinion is GCs defense isn't good at all. We put 59 points on yall the same as Laurel did. Another thing is how many times did yall turn the ball over to Laurel? I heard quite a few
  7. You go out there and punch them in the nose. Lol
  8. He might not be on the sidelines but I bet he will be coaching behind the scenes this week unless he done something that cost him his job.
  9. I don't think we gonna let that happen. #South State #Our house #Our Year
  10. It's on me then Slick. We need you in the stands next Friday night.
  11. Picayune defense is playing really good right now. We are healthy and fresh at a good time. RTR
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